23 May 2014

Using RebelMouse to Curate Fresh Content

RebelMouse is an aggregator that allows you to be more productive by providing another automated tool to create fresh content. It is an addition to the family of aggregators like Storify and Paper.li. All three of these tools will aggregate/compile data automatically (or semi-automatically) for you, from different sources across the ‘net.

Using RebelMouse to Curate Fresh Content

Using RebelMouse to Curate Fresh Content

RebelMouse As Content Piece In and Of Itself

RebelMouse, like the other aggregators, is a great place for content and sharing, in and of itself. It doesn’t need to be improved, as you can simply invite people to visit your profile page. While you are at it, create another one. Connect your social profiles or create separate RebelMouse profiles tied to different social profiles, if you like. If you have a blog that you have already set up to auto-tweet, you will see that that is automatically added to your Twitter-connected RebelMouse profile, and your story grows on its own, and a story worth sharing!

Combining the Aggregators (Also Social!)

Using RebelMouse with Storify

Using RebelMouse with Storify

The sky is the limit. You can use one aggregator with another one. Do you want something that was pulled into paper.li to show up in your Twitter-connected RebelMouse profile? Tweet it out of paper.li! Do you want to include your RebelMouse profile in a Storify story? Pull it in using the embed URL. Also, pull media in by using Instagram and tweeting, tweeting a YouTube Video, and Pinning. There are more combinations than could be listed in one blog post (hmm… how about 101 ideas for RebelMouse?). Want to add another layer of complexity? Play with IFTTT to create recipes that will create content that can be automatically pulled into RebelMouse.

Pinning Your RebelMouse Content

Pinning Your RebelMouse Content

Inspiring the Blog Post

Are you stumped on what to write about in your next article? Visit your own RebelMouse.com/userprofile page and read what has been automatically aggregated for you. Got ideas? Even if you are still pondering, go visit some of your friends’ RebelMouse profiles. Surely, after a bit of time, an idea will come to you. And, you can click on the link to get embed code (presuming that is ok with the originator) for your article! Be friendly and share some social love back with those who inspire you. Tweet their stuff. Share it on Facebook and ask people to visit their RebelMouse profiles.. another great way to connect and build your community.

More Creative Ideas

Our own Ann Smarty has a couple of suggestions on how to use RebelMouse, in the following two articles that she wrote on this blog:

Be sure to check them out and get inspired!

Need some more ideas? Check out the RebelMouse Blog for even more creative ideas and uses for your RebelMouse profile. And, feel free to share YOUR ideas in the comments below!


  1. Ryan Biddulph May 26, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    So much of my content is shared on RebelMouse Deb. Gotta get on the bandwagon to curate, meet, create and share. Thanks for the post and nudge!

  2. Clinton Dixson May 30, 2014 at 2:10 PM

    Rebelmouse and storify have recently become a couple of my favourite sites. They significantly help the curation process. You are bang on when you say that the “Sky is the limit.”

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