28 Nov 2011

Does anyone know a good restaurant in….? (A Lesson in Local Marketing)

Last summer on the ride home from an amusement park in Springfield, Mass, my stomach started rumbling, letting me know it was time to eat.   I asked my travel companion if he was hungry too – he gave me a big yes – and so the search began.

Actually it was an easy search.  While cruising down the highway, I whipped out my handy dandy Droid, pushed the funky looking Pin (aka Places app) and searched for restaurants in a 20 mile radius (hey, we were doing 65 and I didn’t know how long it would take).   A big list of places came up.

First, I clicked on ones with good reviews. (This also highlights the importance of getting positive reviews but… that’s another post.)

Then, I clicked on the directions tab of one that looked good and told my hungry companion to get off at the next exit.

In less time than it takes to hunt down a yellow pages book, we were sitting in a delightful restaurant noshing on salmon and other goodies.

  • Had I ever heard of the restaurant before?  No
  • Will I ever go back?  I’m not sure, I can’t remember the name off hand, but would if I saw it again
  • Did the restaurant gain business it NEVER would have gotten if they did not participate in local internet marketing?  HELL YES

And that’s the lesson…  You’ve got to be there to get the business…  be right in front of the potential customer for them to become an actual customer.

Here’s the stats

A staggering 40% of Google searches are for local products and services!  So, even when people are home, they are looking for local products and services online.   When today’s prospective consumer has a need, they want it NOW.  So- you have to be there when their NOW hits….

Online, locally, right under their noses… so they pull off the highway and into your door 😉

(Now go claim your places page, and your yahoo local page – while you’re at it, see if you are on yelp)