27 Dec 2011

Top 10 Questions about Facebook Business Pages

Working in Social Media, I get a lot of “How-To” questions regarding Facebook Business Pages.   People are either concerned about the mechanics (push this button, click this link) or the effectiveness of their page (aka – is it worth my time).  These are some of the most common questions and my answers to them.

10) How often should I post to my business page?

According to Dan Zarrella the answer is one post every other day.

I should note that each page / person / industry is different.  As with any data set, there are variances, but the averages dictate that over posting reduces the likes and effectiveness of your posts.  In other words, you are diluting yourself. But posting once every few months isn’t going to build you a following either.

9)  When is the best time to post to my page?

Use your Facebook insights to help you with this one.  Vary post times to see when you get the most interaction from your “likes”.   Dan did another test  that shows more posts are shared on weekends then during the week. Apparently people really are working during work hours.

8 )How do I interact as “My Page”?

  • Go to your Facebook Business Page
  • On the top right – click on “Use Facebook as ‘pagename’

When you click the Home button, your news feed will show you the status updates of other business pages that your page “likes”.   You can use the search bar to find more pages to like and interact with.

Note:  You cannot use Facebook as a page and interact with individuals or groups.  You are limited to Page to Page interactions.

7)  Do contests really work?

Short Answer:  Yes.

Long answer – Contests work to bring in new likes and followers.  It’s up to you, however, to continue to engage them so they stay and interact with your business page after the contest is over.

Note: Make sure to follow the Facebook Contest guidelines to the letter. If you cross the line it could get your entire Page shut down.

6) Can I automate my Facebook Posts?

Yes.  You can use tools like Networked Blogs to auto post your Blog to your Business page and personal profile page walls.  Hootsuite  can be used to automate status updates and blog posts as well.  Personally, I like the post formatting of Networked Blogs better. But remember you can’t automate sentiment and personality so take the time to inject a human update from time to time.

5)  How do I know the time I am putting into my Facebook Business Page is working?

A couple of very handy free tools, namely Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and Hootsuite (free for 3 profiles) can help answer these questions. Raw traffic is one metric, but an increase in returning visitors and even direct traffic can also be the effects of a successful social networking.

4) How do I get a custom username for my page?

You need 25 fans to get a custom username.

From your page, click on Edit Info  (top of page) and the user name box is on the Basic Information Tab.

3)  How do I tag other pages?

Use the “@” (without quotes) to tag other people or pages on your business page.  Depending on the tagged page’s settings, your page will appear on their wall. But you won’t make any friends by mass tagging people at random, that’s just another form of spam. Tag people when it’s relevant and it will build the relationship.

2) What should I name my page?

Your business name is the best answer.  If you are shooting for common search words, you can try something more generic, but Facebook may not allow you to use it if it is too common.  Check out the rules for page names here.

1) How do I create a page for my business?

  • Click this link, or look at the bottom of just about any page in Facebook for the “Create a Page” link.
  • Select the type of page (Brand, Organization, Cause, etc).  Most will select Company, Organization or Institution.
  • Type in the name
  • Agree to the Facebook terms of service

Wa la!  You have a page!

I hope these tips can help you in your Facebook Marketing efforts.  If you have a question that I didn’t hit, leave it as a comment!