01 Jul 2014

5 Ways To Save Time This Week

All of us could use some extra time, right? Even if is to sun bathe and take advantage of beautiful weather.

Many of the tools I’m going to suggest are tools that you are not only familiar with, but probably already using. And, you probably already realize that they are a time saver. Let’s list them and get those creative juices flowing and maybe you can identify areas where you can save even more time.

Endorsed by the social community.

Don’t take my word for it. Many of these tools were discussed in a recent Twitter Chat series that I co-hosted (#SocialCafe) and the chat participants endorsed them, presenting their own recommendations and adulation.


TweetDeck Scheduling and Curating

TweetDeck Scheduling and Curating

TweetDeck hardly needs an introduction. It is a social media tool by Twitter for Twitter. It was created by Iain Dodsworth in 2008 and was acquired by Twitter in 2011.

TweetDeck allows different columns (chosen by you) to manage your Twitter content curation, whether that is monitoring other Tweeps mentioning you, a specific hashtag (yours or another hashtag), and even selecting custom tweets that you can pull into a column to review later.

Time Saving Strategy Tip
That last part, about the custom tweet, is where you can really save some time. Oh, yes, you can save time by scheduling your tweets, but also, if you are writing an article, save time (and enhance your article), by dragging valuable and engaging tweets into a “custom” column and then when you write your article, return to TweetDeck to grab those tweets for additional enhancement of your article. It saves you the time of creating additional graphics and researching more information to really augment that article. You have already done the work ahead of time, as a part of your Twitter engagement.

Not a writer? That’s ok. You can still use the custom column to grab tweets that you can schedule all-at-once to tweet out later, spreading it across the day(s). That way, as you use TweetDeck to engage with people, you are not tweeting out 10 tweets all at once, but either scheduling them or dragging them into a column to be scheduled later. Either way, it equals time savings and good social strategy.

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Hootsuite automates your content strategy

Hootsuite automates your content strategy

Hootsuite is another great tool to manage your Tweets. It also manages even more, with Facebook, Google+ (limitations apply), LinkedIn, and more. You can even expand that with the pro account and adding Hootsuite apps.

Time Saving Strategy Tip
Hootsuite allows the scheduling, just like TweetDeck does, and with some similarities between the two. However, there is also the ability to upload a spreadsheet of tweets (under ‘Publisher’ on the left-side navigation). With this tool, you can create several days worth of tweets and upload them all at once. Hootsuite provides the sample download, so you know how to format your spreadsheet. Then, all you need to do is set up your spreadsheet and have it available when you find cool information to tweet, or your own articles. Share it socially, and, at the same time, paste the info in your spreadsheet so that it is ready for next week’s tweeting. That way, you are saving time, and getting double duty on your social sharing, in a quick uploadable file that can be used over and over (with data modifications).

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Slideshare is your quick content production machine.

Slideshare is your quick content production machine.

Think of SlideShare as “PowerPoint on the web.” But it is so much more! It is embedable, as content enhancement. It is sharable on your social profiles, and it is a piece of an overall well rounded content management strategy.

Time Saving Strategy Tip
For writers, this is a time savings in two ways. It can save time as an added piece to replace custom graphics in your articles. Grab a slideshare and include that in your article. Use your own slideshare, or someone else, who is offering their slideshares for embedding. Many times, the author of the slideshare is ecstatic that you would use their slideshare!

Another way that writers can save time is getting that idea “on paper,” but in this case, on the web. By outlining that article idea, you are saving time in the writing process and creating a great piece of content that you can share right away. This also helps you gauge how your audience feels about the topic. Then, go back and grab your slideshare “outline” and fill it out for a more in-depth article, and you have another relevant, and related, pice of content to share!

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“Put the internet to work for you” with IFTTT

I.F.T.T.T. stands for If This Then That. It sounds really geeky (and it is, technically), but the site is one of the most non-geeky sites out there, with easy-to-click options that walk you through the process. The object of the game is to connect different social apps in a “recipe” so that the automation happens, saving you buckets of time(!), while you sit back and relax. For example, you could have an automatic action happen every time you pin to Pinterest. There are so many connected apps that you will literally have to check out IFTTT to see all of them (and it’s free!).

Don’t worry if you are not sure what you want to do or connect, there are a gazillion “recipes” that you can grab and start using right away.

Time Saving Strategy Tip
The time saving strategy tip is to find a recipe that replaces something that you already do manually. You may just find the recipe that does it straight out of the box. Or, you may need to map out what it is you want to do check through a couple different recipes to see what saves you the most time.

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I need to write some IMN articles about this wonderful tool!


Buffer for finding content and scheduling it!

Buffer for finding content and scheduling it!

Buffer is a great scheduling tool. It also provides some great content ideas that you can share. Many apps, including Viral Content Buzz and Commun.It, include buffer as a part of their product/service. So, you may actually be using Buffer already, through other sites.

Time Saving Strategy Tip
Buffer does well with sharing images in Twitter. So, one time saving strategy is to gather up all those images that you want to tweet and load them up in Buffer. While you are at it, set them up to be scheduled on Facebook, too. The free Buffer account does limit you on your number of connections, but that does stop a good time saving strategy to get those image-rich tweets out there and to schedule them in one sitting so they are ready for the week.

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There you have it. Some time saving opportunities so that you can free up more time for yourself. Do you have some time saving tips? Share them in the comment section below!


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