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10 Feb 2014

Free and Useful On-Page Optimization Tools

On-page SEO is one of those elements to any campaign that is unavoidable. It doesn’t matter if you are running a shop, a blog, or a service. Without making sure search bots can understand and read your pages correctly, all other efforts won’t be as efficient (or complete). The entire tools section here is a beta part of SEO Chat. Page Comparison This is a great (if very simple) tool… [Read More…]

09 Jan 2014

10 Alternative Search Engines To Google

Google tends to be the 800lbs gorilla in the room during most SEO discussions. However, they aren’t the only search engine on the web. In fact there are literally hundreds of alternatives to Google. Some of these focus on a small niche while others try to search the entire universe! Optimizing for these may not be worth your while, but understanding how different engines rank their results will give you… [Read More…]

16 Sep 2013

3 Ways to Research a Web Page Outbound Links Using SEOchat Tools

There may be some valid reasons you may want to see where each page is linking out to (meaning internal and external outbound links): See how relevant and trustworthy links on your clients’ page are (to possibly identify a penalty) Research your own link neighborhood (are there any obviously paid/optimized links standing next to yours?) Identify broken or outdated / expired pages You name it! Today’s collection of tools is… [Read More…]

08 Aug 2013

Browser Plugins And Addons Every SEO Needs!

Who loves SEO tools? I know we do! However, one caveat that exist with most SEO tools is that the user is reliant to the servers that the tool sits on. This mean that anytime the servers are experiencing down time, the tool isn’t accessible. Also many server side SEO tools that use outside data sources realize that as their tool gets more popular, it becomes harder to sustain traffic… [Read More…]

20 Jun 2013

5 Free Tools For Better Markup Analysis

Let me first start off by saying, I am weird. You see unlike many SEOs I started in this business as a developer. I began writing HTML in 1996, and since then, writing code has been a passion of mine. Even though I don’t do it professionally anymore, I am still tasked with analyzing other’s people’s markup on an almost daily basis. There are literally hundreds of tools available on… [Read More…]

30 May 2013

5 Alternative Free Backlink Analysis Tools

With the launch of Penguin 2.0 last week the SEO community has been busy running analysis and commentary on the initial fallout. In fact today I was planning on writing my own analysis as well. But then I stopped and thought, wait a second, everyone is doing that! Not only is everyone practically writing the same blog post, but everyone is practically using the same tools for analysis. So therefore… [Read More…]

20 May 2013

3 Google Authorship Tools

Google Authorship is one of the most actively discussed SEO trends today. Apart from being (hopefully) a good tool for protecting your copyright and defending against scrapers and resellers, Google Authorship is expected to be behind the future of rankings. There are a few good tools that you can use to be on top of this SEO trend. 1. Structured Data Tool Test the structured data of any page using… [Read More…]

06 May 2013

4 Useful Creative Commons Browser Plugins

While the open source nature of the Internet is continuing, and in many ways expanding thanks to developers efforts and demand, it isn’t always easy to find something that is truly covered under creative commons licensing. This is because a lot of sites or businesses will offer something for ‘free’, and that is mistaken for CC work. But it isn’t, it is just paid for in different ways, such as… [Read More…]

29 Apr 2013

5 Text-Only Browsers

There are quite a few uses of text-only browsers: Quickly check if links are visible and can be crawled (and which of them comes on top of the page) Use the tools to test the accessibility of your pages Use the tools for clutter-free browsing and reading (Text-only browsers eliminate all images, video, audio and anything that might be distracting to the average user) Use the tools as “SEO” browsers… [Read More…]

22 Apr 2013

5 Ways to Use Reverse Image Search

Since I discovered the joys of reverse image searching as well as various reverse image search tools, it has actually sparked my creativity giving me more and more ideas where it may come in handy. Here are five ways to use reverse image search for your own benefit. 1. Finding Original Sources (& Duplicate Content) In many (sad) cases a guest contributor would just re-write someone else’s article and never… [Read More…]

08 Apr 2013

Cool Mind Mapping Tools for Keyword Research and Content Marketing

Very often you don’t need to do any additional research to find the bright content idea or discover a great keyword: All you need is a different way to organize things! Today’s tools are doing just that: They help you organize your thoughts the way you can see things differently! Whether you are putting together a presentation for an important meeting or setting out to write the next great novel… [Read More…]

25 Mar 2013

4 Tools to Trace and Control Redirect Paths While Browsing

If you have been looking for an efficient way to track redirects and headers, there is no better way that to do it while browsing. While I have mostly seen people recommending Firebug for this process, I believe other tools can actually be faster and simpler than that. Especially now that more developer tools are being released to fit this need. These are the five I personally think are the… [Read More…]

11 Feb 2013

6 Hacks to Copy Links in FireFox and Google Chrome

It is always nice to have a couple of ways to more efficiently use your computer. Shortcuts are placed into everything from your desktop to applications, and using them can save you both time and energy. It is all about being able to better operate your own computer, and to get the most out of it just as the program creators intended you to. Browsers are usually more hack heavy… [Read More…]