12 Feb 2016

The Bing Ads Data Snafu, Instagram Ads, and More: Weekly Forum Update

HTTPS Migration Tips, Amit Singhal, and More: Weekly Forum UpdateWelcome back to another update from our expert communities! The news was slower this week, but only in comparison to the two or three weeks prior.

We’ve still got updates on the biggest stories, like the Bing Ads reporting data outage, Twitter’s new “Best Tweets First” feature, the ability to suggest changes in Google’s Knowledge Graph, and more.

We’ve also got some great data and discussion about Instagram ads to share – so let’s dive in!

Bing Working to Fix Bing Ads Data Reporting Issues

Even giants stumble sometimes. Microsoft and Bing have been talking a big talk about 2016. It’s supposed to be their year to really shine. This appears to be their first major challenge.

Way back on February 6, users of Bing Ads began seeing large delays in their data. Almost two days of data went missing, though Bing assures everyone that there will be no loss in revenue.

That doesn’t mean that the situation isn’t frustrating, though.

“Just when I start convincing my clients that Bing Ads can play with the big boys, they pull this,” writes WebmasterWorld user netmeg.

User SEO2Go added, on February 10,

“My stats haven’t been updated since 2/6/16. I am contemplating pulling the ads, as I am not sure at this point if ANY of the clicks are being counted.”

Again, Bing has said that “There will be no impact to revenue or ad serving and this is limited only to reporting.” As of February 11, some delays still exist but it seems like Bing might have everything fixed soon.

Twitter’s New Timeline Option Inserts “Best Tweets First”

Twitter's New Timeline Option Inserts 'Best Tweets First'Click To Tweet

Twitter’s got a new feature that puts Tweets with the most likes, and those from accounts you interact with most often, at the top of your feed.

Buzzfeed reported this as “a reordering of the timeline into an algorithmic feed,” last week, but Jeff Seibert says that’s not true at all. Sounds like a useful feature, right? Well, it might have some drawbacks.

WebmasterWorld user JS_Harris writes, “Options are great but most casual users don’t change them and it’s very unlikely they will ever see your tweets with this setting, unless you’re a Twitter celeb already.” So how useful or detrimental this new feature is for marketers and “small fish” remains to be seen.

On-Page SEO And Long Term Optimization

Here’s another interesting thread from WebmasterWorld. A user admits that

“SEO has taken a back burner to my list of priorities over the years,”

but they’ve spent those years creating great content and trying to server a user-friendly experience to their visitors. Still, over the years, they’ve watched their site slowly slide from first position to fourth page.

The users of WebmasterWorld have a ton of great suggestions for how to diagnose a problem like this – and there are many site owners with similar issues, I feel. Give this thread a read with your morning cup of coffee or tea – you won’t regret it.

Invasion of the Website Snatchers

Our final item from WebmasterWorld! In this thread, a user appears to be under attack. Somehow, the pages of their sites are being de-indexed… and impostors are popping up to take their place.

User Robert Charlton suggests that it could be the work of a now notorious Polish hacker, as revealed in a piece from Search Engine Roundtable by Barry Schwartz.

Basically, what happens is that the hacker steals your content and puts it into an iframe on their own website. Google, being Google, gets confused and decides that your original is actually the copy – and de-indexes it. But even if it’s not this particular hacker, site hacking is a dangerous threat to webmasters.

Robert Charlton has some other great resources to share if you’re interested in reading up on it.

If You’re the Official Representative for a Knowledge Graph Entry, You Can Now Suggest Changes

That’s right – there’s now a box asking you “is this information up-to-date?” in the corner of Knowledge Graph entries if you’re the official representative of the site quoted.

Google determines who is an official representative with Google+ and YouTube accounts, as well as accounts with the quoted website. Mistakes in the Knowledge Graph have frustrated webmasters in the past – maybe this will help cut down on inaccuracies!

Libel is Still a Crime in Online Reviews

One of our reporters on Threadwatch picked up this story from The SEM Post. To keep it short – an unhappy couple write nasty reviews on Yelp and other review sites for their divorce lawyer.

To make their experience seem worse than it actually was, they make up lies and slander the lawyer. Surprise, surprise – they get taken to court for libel and now owe the lawyer $350,000! Careful what you write on the Internet – if it concerns someone’s business, expect them to defend it.

Advertising on Instagram

You can advertise on Instagram by going through Facebook’s Ad Manager, which gives you all kinds of fancy targeting options.

Users on SEO Chat are swapping stories about their experiences in this thread. SEO Chat has also published an article with Instagram marketing tips if you find yourself struggling!

The Youth and YouTube

Young folks are all over YouTube these days. Some of them get quite popular and are even considered experts in their field – even if that field is just applying makeup.

Search around YouTube for a tutorial, and you’ll find some good stuff… and also some bad stuff.

Users of Cre8asiteforums are talking about the bad quality YouTube tutorials in particular. Does poor video quality, combined with a huge number of videos, equate to an opportunity for an aspiring video producer to show off?

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  1. Roger February 17, 2016 at 3:54 PM

    I really can’t blame that guy for letting SEO slide to the back burner… it’s seemingly impossible to compete with the big dogs nowadays. Your only hope is to try and tackle long tail and local keywords. Ranking for the “big” keywords is just a pipe dream in 2016 – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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