24 Jun 2016

Google Ads Go Green, Net Neutrality and More: Weekly Forum Update

seochat-wmw-cre8asite-threadwatch-roundup-768x576Google sure has been busy lately!

A new color for ad markers, announcements about planned Google Search Console features, AdWords in Google Local, and publishing some new AdSense tips are just some of the things our users are talking about this week!

Our update will be heavily WebmasterWorld focused, so get ready for some expert and in-depth discussions from the sage masters of SEO! Let’s get started.

Twitter to Allow Longer Video, and Investigates Monetization in Vine

Twitter will be massively expanding the length of time that it allows in its videos. Already, most people can post 140 seconds. Some accounts have been given the ability to post 10 minute long videos as a test.

This is up from the old maximum of 30 seconds. Along with that, Twitter is looking for ways to allow Vine users to monetize their content.

“At what point do we see a Twitter Red?”

WebmasterWorld keyplyr asks, perhaps tongue in cheek. What does the future hold for Twitter videos?

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Green Google Ads – Corporate Greed or User Experience?

For a long time, the ads that appeared at the top of organic Google searches were marked with a yellow or orange “Ad” label. This was so users could tell the difference between a listing that popped up organically and an ad that was placed in exchange for money.

Just recently, Google changed the color of this “Ad” label from yellow/orange to green. Some users are saying that the change amounts to wholesale deception because the green color is very similar to the color of the ad URL – meaning that the Ad label is now easier to overlook or miss.

On SEO Chat, one user writes,

“Somehow I wanted to believe that Google with this much…cash would be thinking more about users and what users want rather than just finding ways to manipulate decisions (well am I naive or what!)…”

User ThomasHarvey counters with,

“Honestly, they won’t do something that doesn’t provide a good result to the user… The thing I’ve always liked is that Google have always provided relevant high quality ads. They charge even more for getting the top results if the page isn’t of good quality.”

How do you see it?

U.S. Court Upholds Net Neutrality Rules

The court system has sided with the FCC’s rules that Internet service providers cannot throttle the connections of lower paying customers in favor of offering faster speeds to premium customers.

“Hopefully competition will keep prices at market rates. However with Comcast buying-up the little guys, that competition is dwindling,”

writes keyplyr on WebmasterWorld. But the battle is probably not over yet – share your thoughts in this thread!

Lots of Stuff in the Pipeline for Search Console!

As a Threadwatch user writes, Google has several new features planned for the future of Google Search Console. Featured snippet analysis, a widely requested feature, is on the docket.

As is extending the time limit on data available from GSC – that means you’d be able to dig deeper than 90 days into your data! Voice search data is another feature that Gary Illyes and John Mueller have said is in the works. We might be waiting for a while – but which feature are you most excited for?

AdWords Coming to Google Local: Two Organic and One Ad

The local pack, a group of three search results that typically show up below a local map, will soon consist of two organic listings and one ad.

This according to some news out of SMX Advanced. The local pack is already a crowded and competitive field – this could make it more difficult for webmasters to get there on their own without help from Uncle Google. What do you think? Join the discussion on WebmasterWorld!

Are We Living Through Another Online Advertising Bubble?

Here’s another really interesting thread from WebmasterWorld, summarized on Threadwatch. The idea is that advertisers and publishers have been making easy money for so long that the times are due for a massive change. Ad blockers are one sign of “the end times,” for example. So is a more ad conscious public, if you think about it.

On Threadwatch, Mr-X posts that

“I’ve heard friends and e-colleagues tell me that they make the conscious decision to allow ads for content they appreciate. I’ve heard the reverse too – when people get pissed off at someone, they might begin blocking ads to ‘vote with their wallets.'”

How Do You Earn Backlinks For Organic Results in Google?

This one comes from Cre8asiteforums. Notice the use of “earning” backlinks instead of “building” them. There’s a key difference! Both tactics are being discussed in this thread. EGOL writes

“The only thing that I am doing is writing articles that I hope other people will find useful. I have found that if you run a good website, people will visit, return, share and recommend.”

User glyn writes that he builds links manually,

“sometimes with software and sometimes with software I build,”

to test things out, make observations, and see what happens. But, on the other hand, he writes

“When I’d finished working on a client website I had done no link building for them at all, instead I had moved them from .34 to .59 e-commerce conversion rate… I do think today’s metrics are different to those some years ago.”

Different business models require different strategies. Content doesn’t always work – but maybe something else will!

Google AdSense: 6 Tips to Earn More From Mobile

Google published some tips to help AdSense publishers get the most out of mobile, recently. Users on WebmasterWorld are talking all about them! The tips include suggestions for ad unit size and positioning, preventing accidental clicks, use of responsive ad units, and continuing experimentation.

“…the final one… is probably my top tip. I don’t recall the last time I stopped experimenting,”

writes admin engine. User netmeg provides their own tip:

“…if you’re using a responsive theme (for WordPress, for example) pay close attention to where the ads ‘fall’ on different devices; if your ads are mostly sidebar ads, they could all end up at the bottom of a very long scroll.”

And there are plenty more! So really, with this thread, you’ll be getting more than just 6 tips! Check it out!

Banner Ad Placement Rules and Guidelines

Ahhh, the banner ad. A real classic. But as the times have changed, have the rules and best practices for using banner ads changed too? User bobbb has a quick tip to remember:

“…if you take into consideration that G only credits you for an impression if 50% of an ad is seen for 1 second then it would seem logical to NOT put an ad at the end of a page or where not too many readers go.”

EGOL has some thoughts over how strict the rules are:

“I have never seen government regulations on size, placement and number. Google might have quality standards but I don’t think that their search and Adsense teams are talking much to one another. The real rules are made by the people who own the websites.”

How do you work with banner ads?

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