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08 Jan 2009

Reminder: SMX West Rates Increase Midnight TOMORROW!

You need to be at SMX West this year. Listen, I have one of the most awesome jobs on the planet.   My day-to-day job activities actually include blogging about whatever’s on my mind, strategizing with the brains of We Build Pages and then traveling to conferences once my brain needs a bit of a vacation and I want to see my friends. It doesn’t suck to be me. And last… [Read More…]

14 Nov 2008

Why Liveblogging is Not Useless or Evil

In case you missed it, there’s quite a brou-ha-ha on Sphinn concerning John Coronella’s condemnation of liveblogging. The post has been Sphunn and Desphunn. The comments are where the real meat of the conversation is. And far be it for me not to add my two cents to the conversation. Liveblogging helps people like me, who can’t attend conferences because 1) other work and family obligations, 2) company has already… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2008

PubCon Liveblogging Coverage 2008

Are you exhausted from all the PubCon liveblogging coverage? Because I certainly am.  Here’s a list of all the sessions we covered this week, in case you missed any: Tuesday Effective Affiliate Strategies Being an Effective SEO Within Your Organization Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization Social Media and Search: A Love Story or a War Story? Tag, You’re It! How to Leverage Your Visitors Wednesday Keynote Address by George Wright… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2008

The Wonderful World of Widgets

Last session of the day! Huzzah! The super smart Jake Baille is up moderating the group of Lawrence Colburn, Peter Adams, Patrick Sexton, Will Price and Peter Yared. Lots of boys. Where are the ladies? Lawrence Coburn is up first. He says he’s not going to talk much about widgets. Heh, okay. The four pillars of a distributed Web strategy Widgets: Users spread your content/functionality. Examples: Photobucket, MyBlogLog Toolbars/Extensions: Users… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2008

Real-World Low-Risk, High-Reward Link Building Strategies

Hey, hey, kids. It’s time for more link building strategy talk. Yey. Links are delicious. So was the burger I just had for lunch. Petrified sandwiches, what? This time we’ve got Eric Enge, Rebecca Kelley, Roger Montti and Greg Hartnett. Chris Tolles will be our moderator of awesome. Eric Enge is kicking things off. Eric says: Social Media and Link Building: Think BIG Opportunity: Get tens of thousands of visitors… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2008

Link Influence: How to Buy Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk

It’s time to learn how to buy links! Er, um, I mean it’s time to learn how other people buy links and why they’re bad. Don’t buy links. Links are bad. The room is packed. Oh Jesus.. Up we have Rank Fishkin, John Lessnau and Aaron Wall. Todd Malicoat will moderate. John Lessnau is up first. Link buying is NOT link building.  You have to be careful with your link… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2008

CSS and HTML Coding Today

Okay, it’s the last (session-filled) day of PubCon and I’ve been tasked to cover a session on CSS and coding? Who hates me? Seriously. One of you did this. I know it. It seems that Ted Ulle is playing double duties as speaker and moderator. Marc Juneau, Bryan Gmyrek and Lachlan Hunt will be helping him out with the speaking duties. Laclan Hunt is up first and I’m coughing like… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2008

Keynote Address by Satya Nadella of Microsoft Live Search

GOOD MORNING, LAS VEGAS! What? The all caps too much? Try being in a session at 8am with Let’s Get It Started and Pocket Full of Sunshine blasting over the speakers at torturous levels. Not so fun, is it? No. No it’s not. [covers ears, whimpers] But it’s time for a keynote! This time our guest is Satya Nadella from Microsoft Live Search. He wants to have a conversation on… [Read More…]

12 Nov 2008

Five Bloggers and a Microphone – What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

Okay, kids, it’s hitting the part of the day where Lisa becomes delirious. Don’t judge me. This will be the six session I’ve blogged today. But this should be a fun one! Ken Jurina is moderating this group of crazy folks, including Andy Beal, Lee Odden, Michael McDonald, Barry Schwartz and Jane Copland. It’s a bloggerpalooza! Ken Jurina is doing the intros. People are wooting Jane’s intro. Heh. Apparently we… [Read More…]

12 Nov 2008

Conversation and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

We’re hitting the afternoon hard over here. Mark Jackson is moderating with speakers Todd Parsons, Louise Rijk and Ben Fisher. I can has cookie? Please? My stomach is growling. Louise Rijk is up first and has the hardest name to spell ever. Word of Mouth marketing is as old as the hills (not these Hills). WOM is the act of consumers proving honest information to other consumers. It’s driven by… [Read More…]

12 Nov 2008

Reputation Monitoring and Management

Breaking News: PubCon officially has the worst lunch of all major search conferences. Congrats, guys! Okay, back from lunch. SEO bad boy Todd Friesen will moderate this one with speakers Jessica Berlin, Andy Beal and Lee Odden. Andy Beal? What does Andy know about reputation monitoring. Kidding! We love you, Andy. Lee Odden is up first. Why is Online Reputatement Management important? Because your customers are online. Your prospects are… [Read More…]

12 Nov 2008

Real-World Winning Tactics for Content Creation

Okay, we’re officially done blending rakes and it’s time to talk about content. Finally something I know a bit about! This time around we have Rupali Shah, Robin Liss and Ted Ulle. Moderating is Microsoft hottie Derrick Wheeler. I’ve been calling Derrick hot for three years now. It’s amazing he doesn’t hide when he sees me. Hi Derrick! 🙂 Ted Ulle, aka Tedster on WebmasterWorld, is up first. Ted wants… [Read More…]

12 Nov 2008

PubCon Keynote Address with George Wright of BlendTec

Good morning, folks! It’s 9am and I’ve already had two cups of coffee and posted a guestblogging entry over at Search Engine People. What have you done today? 😉 BlendTec’s George Wright is going to deliver this morning’s keynote to get us all up, going and excited. Let’s get right to it! Brett’s up first giving the introduction and says attendees crashed the Internet yesterday with all their Twittering. Heh. … [Read More…]