13 Nov 2015

Machine Learning, Manual Linking: Weekly Forum Update

seochat-wmw-cre8asite-threadwatch-roundupAfter the announcement last week of RankBrain, Google’s machine learning system TensorFlow is making artificial intelligence a hot topic in our communities yet again.

Elsewhere, our users are discussing the relationship between SEO and web development, the “new” wave of gTLDs and their effectiveness, and the failings of automated link building.

Join one of these hot discussions today and share a conversation with our smart and friendly users!

Google Releases Its Machine Learning System, TensorFlow, to Open Source

Google’s second generation machine learning system can be put to use in your own research or products now. TensorFlow uses a Python interface and has “built-in support for deep learning,” which, according to its launch video, is

“loosely inspired by how the brain works.” Google uses TensorFlow today in its speech recognition program, as well as Google Photos, Gmail, and search. Machine learning is also called “the secret sauce for the products of tomorrow.”

So, wonders one WebmasterWorld user, why would Google make such a powerful tool open source? User Nutterum explains that the open source community brings lots of advantages back to TensorFlow – it isn’t just a one-way street.

“Your question is no different than the question many asked in the 80’s when UNIX was made open source. Who knows in 10 or 15 years, this AI tool can become the next best thing since sliced bread and have the Google/Alphabet stamp on it.”

Is SEO a Part of Website Development?

On Cre8asiteforums, Kim Krause-Berg brought this question to the community.

“Since a developer told me it is not, and I disagree, I thought I’d check on this too, just to be sure I’m up to date.”

User bobbb responds that, in his humble opinion, SEO is not technically part of development… but consulting with an SEO should be one of the basic steps of website design. SEO is useful for things,

“like proper names for images such as polka-dotted-bread.jpg instead of image-74310.jpg… Throw in a title= for the desktop crowd. Search engines like these things.”

EGOL adds,

“that navigation structure, crawlability, site speed, and a design/presentation that does not bounce visitors should all be looked after by the dev.” What do you think?

WebmasterWorld’s Thoughts About the New Wave of gTLDs

In this discussion, webmasters compare things like .keyword domains against keyword.com: but is a new wave of registered gTLDs indicative that they’re taking over? User stuntdubl writes,

“I’ve always been an advocate for strongly built keyword.com or geokeyword.com domains. I’ve seen more EMDs fail, but I’ve seen plenty that do just fine,” and yet, “600 to 700 more top-level domains were assigned in the last two years.”

But how many of those domains are active, and how many are being parked? And for the active ones, the question is whether the general public will accept them for being different from the norm. User jmccormac has brilliant insight into the world of TLDs, their popularity, and what they’re being used for – drop by and give this thread a read!

Manual Link Building is Here to Stay – But Automation is On the Way Out

Eric Ward had a great article in Search Engine Land this week about taking a stand against, “the belief that doing anything one at a time, or ‘manually,’ is a waste of time.”

Automation has been gaining traction in the SEO world and elsewhere because it allows you to do a lot of work with only a little effort. But according to Ward, blasting thousands of emails out with a 3% success rate is not something to be praised – it’s “reckless, and frankly, sad.”

Website Speed Reviews on SEO Chat!

One of our SEO Chat moderators is offering to share tips for increasing the load speed of your website. All he needs is a little information and a link to the pages you want checked. Join the forums and post to this thread if you’re interested!

Google Still Working On Extending Search Console Historical Data

It was a whole two years ago that Google said they wanted to extend Search Console’s historical data from 90 days to 1 year.

“If you’ve looked at the Search Console at any time during those past two years, you’ll know that hasn’t happened,” writes a Threadwatch reporter.

But! Google stated this week that they’re still interested in extending historical data. There might not be a timeline for it yet, but it’s on their to-do list. Check this Threadwatch post for more details.

Is 40 Pounds Spent on Facebook Ads a Waste of Money?

A user on SEO Chat dipped their toes into the Facebook advertising game, but

“I don’t think I sold one [photograph/canvas], and I believe I got poor reach and poor engagement.”

At first, the user wondered if Facebook ads just weren’t worth it. But, as another user responds, “…spending $43…will not get you much on ANY ad campaign. Especially with AdWords.”

And there’s more to consider than just price, too. Ask yourself what page or product you’re promoting, to who, and why. Geo target if you can and study your audience. This thread is full of tips from our users for how to get the most out of targeted ads!

Know Your Users!

Whether you’re a blog, an ecommerce site, or anything in between – it’s essential to understand your users. Not just who they are and what they care about, but how they interact with your website too. It’s not always easy gathering that kind of data, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

Users of Cre8asiteforums have lots of tips in this thread about what info to gather, how to do it, and how to put it to good use. Give it a read!

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