27 Feb 2014

Understanding SEO Strategies and Tactics

Sometimes I will be talking about SEO with someone, and the conversation usually goes something like this, ME: “So what type of strategy are you working on?” THEM: “Well, we are building some new content and then going to try some link building. We might get into Google+….honestly not sure.” Do you see the same problem I do?

What this person just did was describe their strategy by listing a bunch of tactics. Don’t get me wrong, tactics are an absolutely essential part of every SEO strategy, but too often I see SEOs confusing tactics with strategy. A good SEO strategy strives to answer big questions with objectives that are supported with proven tactics.

Building A SEO Strategy

Questions To Consider Example Responses
What is the ultimate goal of this strategy?
  • Recover from Penguin.
  • Recover from Panda.
  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Rank for key terms.
  • Increase conversions from organic.
What are some objectives that we should strive for to reach our main goal?
  • Build more links
  • Clean up existing link profile.
  • Build more content.
  • Improve UI.
For each objective listed, what are some tactics that will help us succeed?
  • Infographics.
  • Outreach link building.
  • Social media seeding.
What metrics will we use to measure success?
  • Organic traffic.
  • Number of links.
  • Social shares.
  • Number of conversions.
  • Revenue from organic traffic.


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