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Alexa Review Spamming – could happen to you.

Well, just got a spam review on our alexa page.

Here’s our new review:

They must know something about search engine ranking as they have some good rankings in the search engines. Although the page ranks high, the message on the page was a little dry. It didn’t grab my attention for very long because their wasn’t much to learn, other than how to give them my money, and buy buy buy! That’s why I prefer sites like where you can get free training on how to promote, grow, and start your own online venture. That’s the most comprehensive site I’ve seen on the subject of internet marketing. As for webuild they must be half decent because they do know something about placements.

So in doing some research on the reviewer (Mr. Henry Boone), I find he’s a review-a-holic, performing 188 reviews for our viewing pleasure all within the past 2 weeks, where in almost all of them he mentions his site “”. Upon checking out which he keeps promoting, I see it’s a “domain for sale” with just PPC ads on the page…..hum…building pagerank for the sale? what’s up?

What’s one to do? Have you ever been hit with negative Alexa reviews? Do you care? If so, what have you done?


6 Responses

  1. The problem with these types of people is they have to always negatively spin someone else’s product/service to promote their own.

    Webuildpages doesnt need to do this as you have built your reputation on giving many FREE tools and information away. SO he is wrong on that….

    In this case I would’nt worry about his reviews as any savvy individual/business can clearly see the differences between the two companies. I know which one I would pick, to create a sound business relationship!!!

  2. It seems to me that you should contact Alexa. If Mr. Henry Boone is posting a lot of SPAM reviews, they should be able to block any posts with “” in them. (They probably already have some sort of filtering tool going on)

    Something Google has done pretty well is cut out search engine spam, and they have profited greatly from it. Most online entities these days are noticing this, and I’d be suprised if Alexa doesn’t do everything possible to keep their content as relevant and real as possible.

  3. Hey Jim,

    his site is actually, with an ‘h’..

    doesn’t look like he’s trying to sell the domain, he’s just trying to sell his secrets on how to become an “internet CASH MILLIONAIRE”. Wait a second… he’s offering his secrets on how to get Rich! What am I doing here, see you suckers later! I’ll wave at you from my yacht!

  4. Hello,

    Yes, I’m the one who spammed Alexa. I made a mistake in doing it though. It was my first time trying the concept so I really didn’t know how to approach it. To successfully do it you have to always give 5 stars, always say positive reviews, and then blend in your site address into the review. That’s just one of the 300 ideas I use to get free traffic. I do apologies for writing about your site Jim. Again, I just didn’t really know what I was doing at the time. All those reviews are gone now. If I would have done it over I would have given you a five. But I would have still done it. It’s so competitive online these days that there’s simply no room to try and somehow sit back and wait for your site to get visited. You have to use ever possible angle you can think of.

    Henry Boone
    Selling Whiz Associate

  5. Ha! Thanks for writing Henry! – Also thanks for removing the rating. I’ve done some pretty crazy things in my day too. I respect you for removing it and stopping by.

  6. Hey Jim,

    It’s interesting how this blog has gained some popularity. Maybe you should turn it into a blog for people to post their unique traffic generating strategies like the “spamming alexa reviews” idea? Maybe it might start to grow? But in case anyone reads this and wants to try it for themselves it might be worth mentioning that it works “really good”. In just 2 weeks I was able to get about 200 additional targeted visitors per day. And was generating some consistant sales from that idea. It can be risky though because if you’re reviews get removed you’re out all the work you did. I found out you can do similar reviews at “Barnsandnoble” on books. But it appears that the only way to do it and get any credit for them is to make your name into your website address such as: “” but in the review it appears they won’t let you mention any websites. It’s not the greatest way to get traffic. But it is highly targeted because anyone looking up a book review is interested in that subject. Also it might be worth mentioning that if anyone reading this might have a good way of getting website traffic, then feel free to email it to me. If we don’t already list it in our 1249 page “Secrets Revealed” internet marketing course, and if it’s legal and good, then we will list it along with the other 300 ideas in our course. We’ll give credit to the person who sent in the idea. Such as it will say “Submitted to us by: “your name” and “your website address”. Yeah, it can be challenging to build traffic in some of these more competitive industries I’m finding. But I guess if you do a a little each day it can add up over time. That’s really the key to building free traffic.

    Henry Boone
    Selling Whiz Associate

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