10 Nov 2005

Alexa Review Spamming – could happen to you.

Well, webuildpages.com just got a spam review on our alexa page.

Here’s our new review:

They must know something about search engine ranking as they have some good rankings in the search engines. Although the page ranks high, the message on the page was a little dry. It didn’t grab my attention for very long because their wasn’t much to learn, other than how to give them my money, and buy buy buy! That’s why I prefer sites like sellingwhiz.com where you can get free training on how to promote, grow, and start your own online venture. That’s the most comprehensive site I’ve seen on the subject of internet marketing. As for webuild they must be half decent because they do know something about placements.

So in doing some research on the reviewer (Mr. Henry Boone), I find he’s a review-a-holic, performing 188 reviews for our viewing pleasure all within the past 2 weeks, where in almost all of them he mentions his site "Sellingwiz.com". Upon checking out sellingwiz.com which he keeps promoting, I see it’s a "domain for sale" with just PPC ads on the page…..hum…building pagerank for the sale? what’s up?

What’s one to do? Have you ever been hit with negative Alexa reviews? Do you care? If so, what have you done?