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New Internet Marketing Tool – Common Backlinks.

I should start by saying that I’m not positive I’ve got the original idea on this tool.

A few years ago I saw a tool that gave me an idea for a private tool that did a lot more. We’ve had this one private tool for 2 1/2 years, but I did some edits to it for a "public version"….now I’m wondering if what I’m left with is the tool I used for inspiration 2 1/2 years ago.  If you’ve seen a tool like this, let me know and I’ll remove this, or edit it so it’s different.

What this tool does:
you enter in 10 of your competitors (or your site, and 9 of your competitors) and then press "Go"

It then returns a list of sites that link to 2 or more of your competitors.

These are sites you might want to contact to request links from – this is part of the neighborhood you want to be in.

The tool would be better if it showed the exact pages where your links were, and also if the pages it lists are scraper pages that have no google value (our private tools does some of this). To find this out manually check yahoo for . This will show the page where one of the links is. Click on that page, check for google recent cache – if yes, then contact.

to enjoy the Common Backlinks
Internet Marketing Tool

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16 Responses

  1. Jim, excellent tool. I’ve used it already and can see sites where I’m not linking to but my competition is. I agree that it would be useful if it had the actual page where the link appeared, but it’s probably saved tons of hours searching around the SE’s.

  2. naw…wasn’t hubfinder…this was a year before aarons hubfinder came out….if anything, hubfinder was based on this tool idea (I’ve been known to let aaron play with our private tools every now and then).

  3. If you’ve seen a tool like this, let me know and I’ll remove this, or edit it so it’s different.

    Yes I have seen a tool like this before. My team built this very tool well over a year ago. I must say that don’t own the idea. I got the idea to build the tool from some ‘webuildpages’ site. 😉

  4. Jim – this is one handy tool – bookmarked – thanks!

    One thing – it says in the explanation at the bottom that you can click on the asterisk to view the ‘… corresponding links that Yahoo knows about’ – there are no links there at the moment though.

  5. Thomas…yea, sorry…for the public tool I took that feature away….gotta keep some advantages if I’m giving the tool away 😉

  6. Ha! You’re such a tease Jim – between this and the ‘oath of secrecy’ at your pubcon talk!

    Still its a great tool – might be an idea to remove that message though just people don’t expect it…

  7. I think the original tool like this that was public was I think I saw that before I saw Jim’s co-citation tool, but Jim has some killer SEO tools.

  8. Great tool – in just five mins I have just racked up the best part of a days worth of link building!


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