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11 Sep 2012

2012 Internet Marketing Ninjas “State of the Company”

Every year at the company for as long back as I can remember, I’ve given an annual “State of the Union Address” to all the Ninjas. One night last week I was on my way home when “it came to me” and when I got home I ended up writing for several hours, of what turned out to be 22 pages (text was a little big so I could read… [Read More…]

07 Sep 2012

Kris Jones – Chairman of Internet Marketing Ninjas

Last night we put out a press release that Kris Jones has joined Internet Marketing Ninjas as Chairman. There are some things in official press releases that aren’t said…and I’d like to say a few of those things here. I’ve known Kris for years, and I always had a lot of respect for his company (PepperJam) which he built up into something “Great”, and later sold for some ungodly sum… [Read More…]

02 Aug 2012

Ninja Song Parodies

Song parodies have been a long standing part of Ninja Tradition. When you work in SEO long enough sooner or later everything becomes about search engines and links, and you get inspired to re-write songs. Or at least we do.  So to carry on the Legacy of Jim’s early work like “The Linker” , “Linking Dirty” and of course, Company theme songs, we add these new classics to the collection…. [Read More…]

17 Jan 2012

Rick DeJarnette Joins Ninjas! Former Bing Webmaster Center and Bing SEO Consultant

This past fall I went to Vegas with 8 of my Ninjas for Pubcon. Not only did we make some great connections with people who are now clients, but we also made several other great connections. One of my Ninjas, Sean, met Rick and had a few great talks, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to connect with Rick then. Sean brought Rick’s name up a number of times over the… [Read More…]

23 Dec 2011

Ninjas Make Surprisingly Good Neighbors

At first thought, you might not want live next door to a band of Ninjas. You think, they’ll be up all night scaling walls, they’ll borrow my Nunchucks and never return them, and they probably won’t rake their leaves either. I get it. No one wants a dojo of degenerates bringing down property values for everyone. Fortunately, we’re not that kind of Ninja. In fact this year we’ve worked hard… [Read More…]

19 Dec 2011

Internet Marketing Ninjas Reviews from the Employees

  This month our company Internet Marketing Ninjas won the “Best Places to Work” Award by the Business Review. As part of the review process, Quantum Workplace did a survey seeking feedback from our employees. After we won this award I was able to see the comments, but not exactly who said what…so the below comments are not attributed to specific individuals, but this is what our employees had to… [Read More…]

11 Oct 2011

To Russia, With PowerPoints

Ok, so technically it’s not Russia, it’s the Ukraine, but nonetheless this is gonna be a big week for Internet Marketing Ninjas. Tomorrow afternoon Jim’s heading out with Melissa, our social media director, for Kharkov, Ukraine. And no, it’s not because of a wicked craving for borscht, they’re both presenting at Optimization 2011; the “All-Ukrainian Conference for search engine optimization and website promotion on the Internet”. While they are there… [Read More…]

01 Aug 2011

A Ninja Home-Coming

For some people, moving home at 31, might be an indication that life… isn’t going so well. In my case it’s actually kind of the opposite.  Because for me, home is WeBuildPages. 6 Years ago, I had never even heard the words “Search Engine Optimization”. I certainly had no knowledge of the power of links or the numerous tricks and techniques for getting a website ranked in Google. I saw… [Read More…]

11 May 2011

Old SEO Pictures and Jim Rambles.

Old Pictures, and New Services and Tools. I happened to run across some of my old pictures of SEO people from 2002-2005….I really should update my picture page….maybe with the new site…but I thought that others might enjoy seeing my old picture page….there’s pics of me and Larry Page and Sergey Brin…and my autographed copy of “The Anatomy of A Large Scale Hypertextual Search Engine”…and several other “old timers” in… [Read More…]

12 Apr 2011

We Build Pages name change to Internet Marketing Ninjas….Soon!

We Build Pages will be changing its name to Internet Marketing Ninjas….in a few months…. Wow…it was a little over 12 years ago I went online for the very first time. Two weeks after getting online I bought the domain name A week after that I and designed my first site ( and I gave the site the slogan of “Designing and Marketing Websites”. When I bought the name,… [Read More…]

16 Sep 2010

We’re Hiring Talented SEO’s – Move to Sunny Upstate NY!

We Build Pages is growing and growing! I’m seeking someone with at least a few years of SEO Experience. Job is 40 hours a week at our office in Clifton Park, New York (between Albany and Saratoga NY) If you’re willing to move to upstate NY, Please send me an email answering the following questions. 1. Why you’d like to work for We Build Pages? 2. What could you bring… [Read More…]

16 Sep 2010

We’re Hiring Talented Programmers in Clifton Park, NY

Seeking Experienced Web Programmers This is a 40 hour/week job at our office in Clifton Park, NY. To apply, you must be willing to work at our office. We’re a Perl shop, looking for experienced programmers.  If you have a desire to work in Perl, are agile, and are looking for a fun, relaxed (yet high paced!) place to work, then come join our team.  Do you have 3+ years… [Read More…]

17 Mar 2010

SES NYC Charity Party on Wed 24th.

Next week Chuck and I will be at Search Engine Strategies (SES) in New York City (March 22-26th). I’ll be speaking on Wednesday the 24th from 3:45 – 4:45 on “Link Building – Methods and Risk, Free to Paid” It will be similar to the the presentation that I gave in London last month which seemed to be received pretty well. I was looking over the party schedule last week…and… [Read More…]