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Category: Panda Update
09 May 2011

Google Panda Update – Short Clicks and Long Clicks / Pogosticking

Google Panda Update: Short Clicks and Long Clicks / Pogosticking OK, Folks, we have some old words, and old signals that have become more popular in the days of Post-Panda. “Short Clicks – Long Clicks” – and “Pogosticking”. Add these to your SEO dictionary if you don’t have them in there already. I’ve started reading In The Plex (April 2011) by Steven Levy, and I came to a couple of… [Read More…]

08 May 2011

Google Panda Update – Panda’s Punitive Punishment of Good Content.

The Panda will Punish your Good Content if you have Bad Content as well….Panda Inflicts Punitive Damages on your Good Content…(but hey, Google says it’s not a penalty…it’s just an algorithm change). On Friday May 6th, Google’s Amit Singhal wrote an interesting post on the Google WebmasterCentral Blog called, “More Guidance on Building High Quality Sites.” On Saturday I was in a partly silly mood and I published some tips… [Read More…]

07 May 2011

Google Panda Update – Google’s Content Guidance and Jim’s Take.

So Panda I rolled out Feb 24, 2011, and Panda II rolled out April 11…and Panda III…well, that could be any day now. Google says that they were targeting “Content Farms”, but none of the sites that I have been analyzing have been “Content Farms”. The clients that I had that were effected, and the people that came to me later, were all basically ecommerce sites selling products… they didn’t… [Read More…]

05 May 2011

Google Panda Update – A Overview of Analytics of 5 Panda II Affected Sites.

I happen to have 5 screenshots of 5 sites that were hit by Panda II. I thought that others might want to see this overview information as well, so I thought I’d post them (client identities are protected). I’ve having issues publishing images to the old blog here…so I turned this post into a PDF document. Click here to see a PDF document showing an overview of Google Analytics for… [Read More…]

02 May 2011

Google Panda Update – User Behavior and Other Signals.

The Google Panda Update – Did user Behavior Signals tell the Panda to Poop on your site? The past few months I’ve been reading a lot of interesting theories about the Google Panda Update…and I’ve read a lot of noise (stuff I don’t believe)… even one of the top results in a search in Google for “Google Panda Update” is a page talking about Panda and low quality backlinks….Panda has… [Read More…]

25 Apr 2011

Google Panda Update – Thoughts and Solutions from Jim Boykin

Google Panda Update – Background and Possible Solutions. I’ve been in SEO for over 12 years and I’ve seen several major Google updates over the years…and this year there’s the Panda Update that has 14% of search results shot to a new Google Hell, a Hell called Panda. To understand Panda, you need to know some of the filters that Google has already put in place. The Supplemental Results “filter”… [Read More…]