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21 Jul 2015

Watch Indepth Google Penguin Talk at Jim & Ann Show

A Google representative Gary Illyes confirmed last week that Google Penguin would take a few months to be updated. That means it will be at least a year (or more) between the last year’s and this one. @mrjamiedodd No. Penguin refresh is months away — Gary "鯨理" Illyes (@methode) July 11, 2015 (Penguin 3.0 in 2014 also took more than a year btw) By refreshing Penguin once a year, Google… [Read More…]

15 Jun 2015

While Waiting for Google Panda, We Are Giving Away Our In-depth Panda Whitepaper

On June 2 at SMX Advanced Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes announced that the next Google Panda update was going to happen within 2 to four weeks (Which sounds like one of these days already) Panda is one of the most complicated (in terms of recovery) Google algorithm updates. It may take months and months to recover and lots of work on on-site content. Are you worried? We’d love… [Read More…]

15 Apr 2015

Panda Penalized and You Think Removing 15% will Recover You. I Don’t Think So.

Today I had a consulting call with a major company (over 100 million in revenue) whom had suffered a major Panda 4.1 hit back in September. They are still in the Panda Hell Land today….and they’re waiting for the next Panda Refresh….fingers crossed that they will “recover”. I asked them about the changes they’ve made so far…and there were a few edits, but the biggest thing that they’ve done was… [Read More…]

14 Apr 2015

Great Links Won’t Un-Trip Penguin Penalty. Fix or Abandon.

Today I had a call with a new content marketing client of Ninjas. Over the past two months, Ninjas had written 8 pages of content for the client and there were 20+ super highly trusted sites/pages that were now linking to this new content (Other sites are linking to our clients new content because our content is so wonderful and helpful and we suggest that related sites/pages link to this… [Read More…]

18 Mar 2015

New Google Doorway Page Algorithm Change

Google has just announced that they are releasing an update to their doorway page algorithm. Google provided the 5 following guidelines. Here they are below with some comments for your to consider, as you prepare for this next update. Below are the bullet points with some commentary for consideration, comment, and discussion. + Is the purpose to optimize for search engines and funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant… [Read More…]

08 Oct 2014

Google Updates, Links, Content Marketing: @JimBoykin at #Pubcon

If you rank for a commercial phrase, you are much more likely to be under radar (the more valuable phrase, the more chances are you may be penalized) The data takes time to refresh. Panda Updates Penguin Updates (Penguin 3.0 is due any time now. October, 4 is the last time Google made a Penguin refresh.) Monitor your links, do pre-emptive link pruning and Disavow. Don’t use services that guarantee… [Read More…]

26 Aug 2014

Google Penguin Penalty Removal Can be Guaranteed… But Recovery Can Not.

For most companies, there is nothing worse in the world that can happen to your website than having it hit with a Google penalty. To loose from 30 to 98% of your rankings, for months on end, can be devastating. People are searching in Google for “Google Penguin” or “Google Penalty” or “Penguin recovery services”, etc, and then they’re seeing several Google ads, and organic listings for services such as… [Read More…]

24 Jul 2014

How to Get Out of Google Penalty Hell: With Jim Boykin

Below please find the adapted script: Welcome to our today’s Internet Marketing Ninjas show. We are talking about Google penalties with Jim Boykin, the CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas: about all kinds of fun things that Google does to us that we have to deal with… How to identify a penalty? Jim: With the manual penalty, that’s fairly easily to tell: You are going to go to your Google Webmaster… [Read More…]

11 Jul 2014

New Google Quality Rating Guide: Reputation and Expertise Get Hotter!

Here’s the summarized adapted script of the video: Thom: We are hanging out with Internet Marketing Ninjas today and we’ve got Jim Boykin, CEO Internet Marketing Ninjas, Ann Smarty who in charge of communities and social for us. My name is Thom Craver. I’m the field development and IT. And are wonderful guess today is Jen Slegg, search marketing consultant extraordinaire.. Welcome and thanks for joining us! Jen has been… [Read More…]

29 May 2014

5 “Panda Proof” Internal Linking Strategies

Last week Panda 4.0 rolled out and along with it a lot of new analysis as to what can trigger it. I started to write up my own analysis today, but decided to table that until next week when I can collect more data. However, in the meantime I think we should still talk about Panda. But instead of hashing out how to escape this filter, I would rather talk… [Read More…]

26 May 2014

How Google Plus Notifications Work: Who You Can Reach on Google+

Notifications can be the great ways to interact with your social media followers and even reach non-followers. I am thinking to start the series on how to make the most of social media notifications at the major social media platforms, and I’ll start with the least straightforward one: Google Plus. Google Plus, as always, defines the feature quite vaguely: Google+ notifications can be photos, messages, videos, events, or other things… [Read More…]

28 Mar 2014

March 2014 Content Round-Up in Internet Marketing Ninja World

Check out what has been happening in the Internet Marketing Ninja World, in the forums, communities, blog, and news, in March 2014. What are your hot topics that you want to discuss? Come visit the forums and participate. Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog Commonly Overlooked Web Site Requirements. TweetDeck or Hootsuite: Which One is Right For You?. 4 Alternatives To Guest Blogging For Link Builders. What Are Google Plus Hashtags?. What… [Read More…]

26 Mar 2014

Google’s Algo Is Improving … But How Smart Was It In The First Place?

Some friends a few years ago were pushing a piece of linkbait on Digg, whose title was something like “They Threw The Book – The USA’s Harshest Sentencing Judges Ever.” You would imagine that their client was someone in the legal field, right? Actually, the important keyword in that title is “book” and the client wasn’t even a bookseller, but a travel agency looking to rank for booking keywords. (Actually,… [Read More…]