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03 Jun 2012

I bought the Developer Shed Network – by @jimboykin

A few weeks ago, something I had wished for, for years, came true when I bought the entire Developer Shed network of sites … and I’m so excited! Where do I start?….Well, back in 2002, my buddy Darrin Ward had created a Google Dance Tool to alert people when Google was Dancing (updating). Towards the end of 2002 Darrin also started an SEO forum called SEO Chat (today a Developers… [Read More…]

27 Apr 2012

SEO Draft Picks: Which Player Do You Need?

Let’s start with this; I’m not a football fan. However, since I married one, my television has often been commandeered for games and sports show. So last night, like a good wife, while “Grey’s Anatomy” was recording on DVR, I watched the NFL draft. I’m not even going to try to pretend I understand all of the strategy and machinations that go into the draft. But to get through it,… [Read More…]

29 Mar 2012

Lucky Number 13, Celebrating, Traveling and Still Dreaming

This past Sunday was our 13th anniversary of the day I bought 2 urls… and … so we just had our 13th birthday as a company….yea!!!!! So normally, a 13th anniversary would call for lace, fur or some other textile…. I’m not into curtains or table cloths, so instead, in honor of “Lucky Number 13” I’m taking 40 of my ninjas to Las Vegas for a long weekend. In… [Read More…]

30 Dec 2011

New Year’s Resolutions From the Link Ninjas

Last year around this time I did a post for Search Engine Journal about Link Building New Year’s Resolutions. They were some pretty general goals that any link builder can achieve. This year, surrounded by a team of Ninjas, it seemed like a great opportunity to get a little more specific. If you’ve ever wanted to get into the mind of an in-the-trenches Link Ninja, here’s a look at what… [Read More…]

29 Dec 2011

Serving Up Canned Blog SPAM

Working on the blog for only a little while, I’m still surprised at times that there are close to 500 pieces of SPAM to delete on any given morning.  I know I shouldn’t be.  But I can’t help but wonder why such a wasteful, useless, destructive process still continues.  Then the logical half reminds me that, oh yeah, it’s cheap, easy and extremely difficult to hold people accountable. Blog Comments… [Read More…]

23 Dec 2011

Ninjas Make Surprisingly Good Neighbors

At first thought, you might not want live next door to a band of Ninjas. You think, they’ll be up all night scaling walls, they’ll borrow my Nunchucks and never return them, and they probably won’t rake their leaves either. I get it. No one wants a dojo of degenerates bringing down property values for everyone. Fortunately, we’re not that kind of Ninja. In fact this year we’ve worked hard… [Read More…]

17 Nov 2011

1 State, and 2 Countries to go. I like to Travel.

I’m currently in a hotel room in Melbourne Australia….the prior two days I was speaking about Panda and Link Building at SMX and Online Marketers Conference here in Melbourne….Last week I was in Vegas for Pubcon speaking on Links and Tools…last month I was in the Ukraine for the speaking on Panda and SEO, the prior month I was in Brazil speaking at Expon, The previous month it was… [Read More…]

16 Nov 2011

A Total Recap of PubCon Vegas 2011 Recaps

It’s taken almost a week but the jet lag and Vegas withdrawal has almost worn off…almost. Last week we debuted our re-brand and ran our first trade show booth. It was more exhilarating than the rollercoaster at New York, New York (Which we also rode). There was a bit of a “battle of the black T- Shirts” in our corner with both the Ninja booth and the Raven Booth handing… [Read More…]

31 Oct 2011

PubCon Vegas 2011: Ninjas on The Strip

About this time next week, a herd of Ninjas will be descending on Las Vegas. We’re not to going to try to stamp out sin and debauchery, we’re good with that. Nope, we’ll be in town as a Gold Sponsor for PubCon Vegas. Jim’s been a regular speaker at PubCon events and a PubCon advisor for years. But this time he and his Ninjas are pulling out all the stops… [Read More…]

11 Oct 2011

To Russia, With PowerPoints

Ok, so technically it’s not Russia, it’s the Ukraine, but nonetheless this is gonna be a big week for Internet Marketing Ninjas. Tomorrow afternoon Jim’s heading out with Melissa, our social media director, for Kharkov, Ukraine. And no, it’s not because of a wicked craving for borscht, they’re both presenting at Optimization 2011; the “All-Ukrainian Conference for search engine optimization and website promotion on the Internet”. While they are there… [Read More…]

03 Aug 2011

‘Til Yahoo Takes Our Back Links Away

If you’ve been visiting  here for a while, you know that here at We Build Pages we have a long tradition of setting our geekiness to music. That is, re- writing popular songs to be about SEO and link building.  In honor of the impending phase out of the “link domain” command in Yahoo, we add this contribution to our ever growing list of SEO parodies. ‘Til Yahoo Takes our… [Read More…]

16 Jan 2009

‘Overheard on Twitter’ Friday

Hey, hey, happy kids. I’m sick. Stupid Vegas. I’m not the only one who got sick at Affiliate Summit. Jim Kukral actually had to ask Twitter who *isn’t* sick after the show. Consensus says everyone is, especially those whose bodies were made by Microsoft (poor Rob Kerry).  I see much sleeping and not moving in store for many of us this weekend.  Mmm, naps. So, did you hear about the… [Read More…]

15 Jan 2009

The SEO Toolbar To End All SEO Toolbars

Jim dropped me an email this afternoon showing off Aaron Wall’s (ridiculously) kickass new SEO Toolbar [because apparently Jim doesn’t think I, too, read SEO Book. ;)].  I was going to attempt a review after playing with it for a few hours, but€¦ (a) this thing speaks for itself and (b) I’m dumb. Also, I think Aaron does the best job explaining his new tool: What would happen if you… [Read More…]