09 Jan 2009

‘Overheard on Twitter’ Friday

Hey, Friends. I have no witty banter to share with you this afternoon. I did not break any bones this week (er, yet), it’s not snowing in historic Troy, NY, and I’m in a food coma. Friday Fail.

The biggest news on Twitter this week was the Twitter Time Warp that occurred when Twitter thought it would be fun to hold updates for an hour before actually showing them on the site.  It was like a Twitter Wayback Machine, rendering the site as useful as having a conversation with my mother.

Because of the Twitter Time Warp that occurred, finding interesting nuggets in the noise was even more of a process than it normally is.  Here’s a collection of the stuff that got my attention. Again, I’d love it if you’d share your own finds in the comments.

In the “get ready to giggle” department:

That’s it from me. Did the Twitter Time Warp take away from your Twitter fun this week? Let me know. You can do it here or you can find me on Twitter.