05 Dec 2008

‘Overheard on Twitter’ Friday

It’s Friday. It’s time to talk Twitter!

Do you know what else today is? It’s The Day of the Ninja! I know, sweet, right? Thanks to Barry Schwartz for alerting me to this awesome find on Twitter. You’re the best, Barry.

First, I’d like to thank Ken Savage, theGypsy and Jack Leblond who jumped into action when I mentioned on Twitter that I’d like a holiday avatar.  In the end, I opted to use the awesome avatar created by Ken Savage, but much appreciation to everyone who tried to make this dorky blogger smile.

Here’s the new avatar; what do you think?

I love it!

On the relevant, search-side of things:

And the fun stuffs:

And that’s it! What’d I miss? Who should I be following? Help a girl out.