26 Sep 2014

Why You Need a Landing Page and How To Get One

Landing Pages are a great marketing tool to deliver your sales message in a concise and to-the-point manner. When you want to convert your visitor to a paying customer (or newsletter subscriber, etc.), a landing page is the way to do it. After all, you don’t want them to get lost clicking on different places on your site and miss your opportunity. You really want those conversions.

Landing Pages do not replace web sites. They are a tool in your toolbox – a marketing tool to help drive the traffic to a point where they can convert.

There are statistics that support the value of landing pages, like the infographic here, by ion interactive.  Do take some time to see the results that have been collected from surveys and research.  They definitely give support to the use of landing pages.


Landing Page for ‘About Me’ or ‘Social Page.’

Now that we have the “why” covered, let’s look at some other uses for landing pages beyond sales conversions and newsletter sign-ups.  Another use for them is an “About Me” page or a “Social Engagement Page.”  Check out this article from Ann Smarty on creating cool Twitter Welcome Pages. The same process that you would use to create your landing page for your sales opportunity can be used to create the pages that Ann uses as examples.

Create your own social engagement page with a landing page process.

Tools and Tips To Help You Create Your Page

It is true that you could hand-code your own landing page, but that could also take a lot of time.  You could copy someone else’s landing page, but that is not exactly on the side of good ethics, for a straight out exact copy.  If you are brilliant enough to be able to create the landing page with little to no effort, you should go into business offering that service to the world and making some cash on the side.

For the rest of us, we need some help and some tools.

  • Marketing Message
    It helps if you know what you want to say.  Have an idea of your marketing message.  Check out what other people are doing and create your own mini-interview of yourself.  If you haven’t already, come up with your 15 second elevator pitch, your slogan, and your mission/campaign objective.  It helps if you have that all laid out before you start to create your page. It is not a necessity, as you can also start with a template and learn as you go. There is no law against creating a bigger and better landing page later, as you learn more about the process.


  • Template Based Software
    One of the key advantages to using a tool is that you often have templates that are built-in.  If you are using a reputable company, they have likely tested the templates and are offering those templates that have been proven to have some success in conversions, etc.  The templates are also likely designed by professional designers.

    GetResponse.com is an example of a site that offers landing pages. They also has a plethora of marketing tools at your fingertips and is free to try.  Both tools walk you through the process of setting up your landing page (including templates) and providing ideas for your own page.

  • Integration Software (optional)
    Some tools (template based software) also offer integration options through software like WordPress plugins.  An example is GetResponse’s WP plugin that also integrates with WooCommerce.


  • Stock Photos and Editing

    If you want to use different photos than what is available in the template(s), but do not plan to use photos that you have taken personally, you may want to use a site like 123rf.com to obtain stock photos for a reasonable price.  Sites like 123rf.com give you two advantages 1) professional looking photos; 2) licensing to help you avoid getting sued for use of non-licensed images (peace of mind).

    If you want to add some snazzy effects and text to your images, you can use a tool like canva.com to spice up your images.  Canva also offers the opportunity to use their image templates for layout, etc. of the graphic.  Many of their images are free (quit a few!), but they also have some that cost around a $1 a piece, if you want an all-in-one solution of images and image editing software.

    The tool that you use, like GetResponse.com, is likely to have all the cool buttons and graphics built-in in the template, but these stock photo sites offer an additional layer of customization so that your landing page looks unique.

So, now you just need to go out and create it! Tools like GetResponse.com offer the ability to sign-up for free, so you can “play” while you learn how to create that landing page.

Proud of your landing page creation? Do share it with us! Feel free to tell us about it in the comments or tweet us, even me personally @SocialWebCafe Love to hear about your successes.


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