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09 Jun 2016

Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Ninjas Club Band.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Club Band The other day I was thinking that in my over 17 years in business, I believe that our current Ninja team and our services are like the Beatles Sgt Peppers Album. So I thought that I’d put all our Ninja faces on this classic album cover.  I kinda like it 🙂 I also rewrote the first 2 songs on that album…. Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing… [Read More…]

07 Dec 2015

5 Extensions to Turn Your Browser Into Your Productivity Companion

Your computer is not your friend. Well, it is your friend, but it isn’t a very helpful one. Sure, it can access information at the press of a button. It has connected us globally, providing opportunities that we have never seen before in the history of civilization. But with all its benefits, your computer provides one serious con: it murders productivity. What you need are a handful of tools that… [Read More…]

30 Nov 2015

The Meme Regime: A Gallery of Creativity from the Age of the Internet (Infographic)

“The Age of the Internet”: That’s how historians will describe the era we live in. The Internet is how and where we do everything. Learning, shopping, news, entertainment, you name it: It’s all instantly available at the click of a button. Twenty years ago, that little piece of trivia on the tip of your tongue might drive you crazy all day long. Today, as quickly as you can pull your… [Read More…]

26 Sep 2014

Why You Need a Landing Page and How To Get One

Landing Pages are a great marketing tool to deliver your sales message in a concise and to-the-point manner. When you want to convert your visitor to a paying customer (or newsletter subscriber, etc.), a landing page is the way to do it. After all, you don’t want them to get lost clicking on different places on your site and miss your opportunity. You really want those conversions. Landing Pages do… [Read More…]

14 Mar 2014

What Is It That You Do? Are You Letting the World Know?

So many times there are businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs that are good at what they do, but nobody knows it. We have people who are afraid to “toot their own horn” and tell the world how good they are at what they do. However, from a consumer point of view, when visiting your site, I WANT to know what you do, what you offer, and why I should hire you. I… [Read More…]

21 Feb 2014

YouTube Series: YouTube Resources… Valuable Insights or Lessons in Futility?

We all know that there are many tools, tips, tricks, books, resources, widgets, and more, available to use with YouTube. There are community groups, Facebook groups, ebook, courses… so many resources available. You do not have to step too far out of your virtual front door to bump into something that has the title “YouTube” in it. But, did you know just how many resources are available from YouTube (Google)… [Read More…]

23 Dec 2013

On A Page of Your Website, Your Server Sent to Me

On the homepage of your website, the server sent to me: A Promise That You Ship Free. On page two of your website, the server sent to me: Two 404’s And a Promise That You Ship Free. On page three of your website, the server sent to me: Three Minutes Load Time Two 404’s And a Promise That You Ship Free. On page four of your website, the server sent… [Read More…]