14 Nov 2014

Creating Interactive Videos

Video creation, Video marketing and SEO, Video training… all areas of my expertise.  However, with all of the fun video software and gadgets in my library and tool belt, I am always looking for more opportunities.

Engagement via Video

Engagement via Video

Having already mastered the use of the Google Hangouts and the factory-like transition into sending them out as instagram vids and podcasts, it is time to expand on other areas where video content may be available.

The newest tool that I am looking at is clickwebinar.com, as another opportunity to capture a quality video for content re-purposing.  With that tool, and others, we can step back and look at the why and how.

Value of Engagement

The days of FFA link pages and blackhat SEO tactics are gone.  They may have worked at some time (yuck!), but now we require different tactics to become “known” on the internet.  Tactics like real quality engagement.  Imagine that — We need to actually talk to people!  My friend, John Rampton talks about this in his excellent article on Forbes, entitle, “Marketing Automation Could Be Harming Your Business – Here’s How to Tip the Scale.” Even his article addresses the need to look at alternative ways to engage with one’s audience. While automation isn’t a bad thing, the marketing efforts need to include actual real engagement.

Capturing Engagement

I already do this, in my use of videos and hangouts and recently invited Abby Hartz, from GetResponse.com to join us in an online event that also included a #SocialCafe Twitter Chat. This was a great way to pull in even more people into the community, as well as giving them an opportunity to learn about another tool that they could use. You can see an article written by Gail Gardner, on the fun that we had that evening, “#SocialCafe Chat with GetResponse [VIDEO].” That is the raw video and there is still an enhanced version… an example of content re-purposing.

Promoting Engagement

In your endeavors to use video, think about ways that you can maximize the promotion and especially, the engagement value. Who can you invite to your event and how would you like to capture it (i.e. what tool?). Then, do you want to release the raw version and an enhanced production version?

HINT: I have found that for maximum promotional and engagement value, release both. That way, if you don’t ever get around to the post-production (it happens!), you still have the raw version for people to watch. If you do publish the post-production version you can always update the code in your blog posts, or you can simply promote the second version and you have that many more opportunities for engagement.

By including other people in your event, you are adding to the potential for engagement with their followers and the promotion value can become exponential. Also, with tools like those that produce webinars, you can engage with the audience, similar to a “recorded before a live audience” approach, and then use the webinar recording (raw or post-production) as a training tool or a sales tool or a list-building tool. The options are limitless.

So, when are you starting your next video engagement?  With all of these options, you just may become a video addict like me!


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