24 Jul 2013

Blog Post Ideas For Pretty Much Any Niche

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post and been completely lost? It happens to all of us, and sometimes it seems as if the more we blog, the more it happens. Writers are constantly trying to think of new things to say. And Online marketers are doing this everyday. The need for fresh content is constant, but thankfully for you, I am going to lay out a few post idea formats that should help thinking of new post ideas very easy! The below examples are for the real estate industry, but you can apply all of them to pretty much any niche.

Top Ten List

Top ten list are extremely popular because they are easy to read, and quite honestly they are easy to write. People also associate a higher sense of trust in something that seems to have been passed through an extra editorial process. It something about organizing things into numbered lists that make them seem more trustworthy.


  • Top Ten iPhone Apps for Real Estate
  • Top Ten Tips For Selling Your Home
  • Top Ten Online Resources For Real Estate
  • Top Ten Real Estate Web Sites

How To’s

How to post are great because people love learning how to do things on their own. The ability to handle something by yourself is very rewarding, which is why simple how to posts can be very popular, and if you need some help getting ideas, just head over to Google and type in “How To ” and look at all of the suggested queries.


  • How To Buy A Home
  • How To Pick A Realtor
  • How To Flip A House
  • How To Search MLS

Learning From Celebrities

Are you familiar with brand association? The concept is simple, name a recognizable brand and the public will automatically identify with you because they already recognize the brand you just mentioned. You can use this same strategy by associating celebrities with a topic.


  • What I Learned About Real Estate From Watching Honey Boo Boo
  • What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Marketing My House
  • What I Learned About Selling Real Estate Form Watching Barack Obama

The Secret

People are lazy. There I said it! But you can leverage this “Laziness” to your own advantage by positioning your content in a way that promises to make a certain task easier. And the best way to do that is to “reveal” a supposed secret to doing that.


  • The Secret To Selling Houses
  • The Secret To Selling Your House At The Price You Want
  • The Secret To Selling Any House At The Price You Want
  • The Secret To Flipping Houses


You can take any of the types of content above and mash them together to create a mega blog post topic!


  • How To Learn The Top Ten Secrets To Real Estate From Honey Boo Boo. 😛