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Terri Wells

Terri Wells

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As a staff writer/editor for Developer Shed, Terri Wells covers a wide range of technology-related news and stories for the company's family of websites. Topic areas include SEO, enterprise computing, programming, website development, consumer hardware, gaming, and many more. She writes numerous articles each week, contributes regularly to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog, and can be found from time to time on the forums connected to Developer Shed's websites, especially the one for the SEO Chat community. Since joining the Shed in late 2004, she has written literally hundreds of articles that have helped readers get their websites on track to achieving their goals.

A brief biography of Terri Wells

Professionally reporting on all aspects of the Internet since August of 1997, Terri's background gives her a unique perspective on this ubiquitous technology. She has covered mergers and acquisitions, financial, and legal aspects as well as the emergence of new companies, technologies, and products. She has seen companies go down in flames – and rise from the ashes. She brings to her writing and reporting a long-range view of what works, and what doesn't, and explains it in a way that gives her audience a deeper understanding of the issues.

I graduated from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, with a major in history and a minor in philosophy. I knew there was more to life than asking “would you like fries with that?” and set about finding a job where my skill with the English language and my desire to delve deeply into a subject could be put to good use.

I landed a job writing reports on companies, business trends, and technologies at Faulkner Information Services. Our readership included Fortune 2000 companies looking for guidance in making effective decisions for technology investments. It became obvious very early on that the Internet represented a disruptive technology whose use could make or break a company's future.

To my passion for writing, I added an interest in marketing and search engines. I found I enjoyed examining ads and marketing campaigns to discover their appeal and figure out what made them go viral (or fail miserably). I learned that content comes in many different forms: fresh, evergreen, interactive, rich, funny, and many others. I learned that content can even be many of these at once, but underneath all of these forms, it's always a virtue when it's also USEFUL.

My goal with my professional articles and blog posts is to give my readers useful information they can act on, or at least consider in their plans. If my work enables site owners, developers, marketers and others to work together to create useful, informative, and entertaining websites for their visitors, then perhaps that history degree was worth it.

Terri Wells's Posts
23 Nov 2012
Terri Wells

Five Communication Tips for SEOs and Web Developers

Like it or not, SEOs need access to their clients’ websites so they can make the changes required to do their jobs. Website designers, developers, webmasters and site owners also need to access their websites, and for the same reasons. Does it surprise anyone that these groups of people vehemently disagree about what changes should be made? At base, both SEOs and web developers want what is best for their… [Read More…]