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Rick DeJarnette

Rick DeJarnette

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Rick DeJarnette was the author and manager of the Official Bing Webmaster Center blog for two years. He then became an in-house SEO consultant for Bing’s content vertical teams (such as Bing Shopping, Bing Travel, etc.). Since then, Rick worked as an independent SEO doing numerous in-house projects involving website optimization, link building, social media strategy, PPC advertising and local search optimization, and founded his own blog, The SEO Ace. He is also a monthly blog contributor for Search Engine Land.

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14 Feb 2012
Rick DeJarnette

The Ultimate Guide to Blocking Your Content in Search

We all work so hard to make sure all of our content is crawled and indexed by the search engines. So it’s ironic when sometimes we must also struggle to remove or prevent some otherwise private content from getting into the indexes. The process of blocking content from search can be frustrating, removal can be slow, and the whole experience exasperating – especially if you don’t know what options you… [Read More…]

09 Feb 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Strategies for Local Search Marketing

A famous axiom in Washington, DC, states that “All politics is local.” Well, for the most part, the same can be said for search marketing. Sure, there are exceptions. BMW North America likely cares little about local search, but you can bet each of their dealerships do (or at least, they should!). InterContinental Hotels Group won’t find local search to be all that relevant, although I’d imagine each one of their… [Read More…]

02 Feb 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Configure Authorship Markup for Google

Jim Boykin wrote about Google’s Agent Rank and Reputation Scores back in May, 2011. Since that time, there have been several developments that demonstrate he had clearly sussed out Google’s big plan. Let’s take a quick dive back in time and see what was said, what has transpired, and what you need to know to take full advantage of these developments. Jim examined the May 6, 2011 Google Webmaster blog… [Read More…]

30 Jan 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Did Siri Really Kill SEO?

When Apple released the iPhone 4S in November of 2011, one of the biggest splashes was made by its new intelligent speech-recognition user interface, known as Siri. It was only a beta product, imperfect, but it was still impressive in its functionality. It required no “learning” process to use. It simply worked out of the box. More or less. Some folks dismissed Siri as a mere party trick feature. Others,… [Read More…]

24 Jan 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Click-through rate of top 10 search results in Google

Who wants to be listed as the Number 1 link in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs)? (I assume you all do; otherwise, why are you reading this blog?) We all invest lots of time and money to achieve this often elusive goal. But why? The theory is that you typically get a dramatically higher click-through rate (CTR) in position 1 compared to links in lesser positions. At least,… [Read More…]

18 Jan 2012
Rick DeJarnette

The Ultimate How-To Guide on 301 Redirects

Many of our clients comment on our site review reports on subjects like canonicalization, site migration, architecture changes, or page updates. Specifically when we advise implementing 301 redirects to optimize and maintain the value of a specific URL in search engines, inevitably they reply with the following question: “How do you implement a 301 redirect?” As long as you have access to the root directory of your web site on… [Read More…]