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Rick DeJarnette

Rick DeJarnette

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Rick DeJarnette was the author and manager of the Official Bing Webmaster Center blog for two years. He then became an in-house SEO consultant for Bing’s content vertical teams (such as Bing Shopping, Bing Travel, etc.). Since then, Rick worked as an independent SEO doing numerous in-house projects involving website optimization, link building, social media strategy, PPC advertising and local search optimization, and founded his own blog, The SEO Ace. He is also a monthly blog contributor for Search Engine Land.

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16 May 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Transitions and New Opportunities

By the time you read this, I will no longer be working for Internet Marketing Ninjas (my last day was May 15th). It’s an odd thing for me to write. I was on top of the world last December when I spoke to IMN CEO Jim Boykin on the phone. After post-PubCon introductions, he and I exchanged many fast and furious emails, discussing the possibility of me joining his team,… [Read More…]

15 May 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Malware, SEO and You

Internet Marketing Ninjas CEO Jim Boykin asked me to develop a post for his blog about viruses and malware. Now computer security is an old, familiar topic for me. Back in the day, I was a technical writer for Microsoft’s IT Group, where I created white papers and other documents on anti-malware products and strategies. Later, in 2009, when I authored the blog for Bing Webmaster Center, I used that… [Read More…]

08 May 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Is Your HTTP Compressed?

It’s been just over two years now that Google announced that page load speed was added to their list of significant Page Rank criteria. The deal is simple: all other things being equal, the webpage that consistently loads more quickly will earn the page rank lift. Of course, there are many factors that can affect page load speed. Some things you can’t directly affect (other than selecting a different hosting… [Read More…]

01 May 2012
Rick DeJarnette

The Ultimate Guide to XML Sitemaps

The World Wide Web is a massive place and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. According to Netcraft, a March 2012 survey revealed there are well over half a billion websites, 644,275,754 to be exact, and that figure represented a rise of 31.4 million (a 5.1% growth) from just the previous month! And that’s only counting websites. How many published webpages does that add up to? The projected numbers… [Read More…]

24 Apr 2012
Rick DeJarnette

Give Searchers a Second Chance with a Custom 404 Page

A wise man once told me, “Hard times do not build character. They reveal it.” Apparently that’s a twist on the original quote from John Wooden, a Hall of Fame basketball player and coach, who was referencing sports rather than hard times. Nevertheless, I love the quote, and it does apply to many more things in life beyond sports. In fact, I think it even applies to websites as well…. [Read More…]

17 Apr 2012
Rick DeJarnette

The Ultimate Guide for Web Images and SEO

Image content is a powerful way to make an impression on a webpage. Instead of presenting a site full of dry, dull text-based content (of which I am frequently guilty!), the right image or graphic element can bring new life and visual interest excitement for readers. As I’ve said many times before, search engine crawlers love text-based content. It’s easiest for them to consume and parse for relevance. As smart… [Read More…]

10 Apr 2012
Rick DeJarnette

WordPress Complicates Google Authorship Markup (But It Can Be Done)

Back a couple of months ago, I wrote a post For Internet Marketing Ninjas detailing how to set up Google authorship markup on your website. I’ve been writing about this topic since last summer, just after it was first announced, and I swear Google’s been running serpentine trail on this the whole time. It’s as if every time I go back and look at Google’s documentation on the topic, they’ve… [Read More…]