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Melissa Ward

Melissa Ward

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31 Jan 2012
Ninja Melissa Ward

Humans are Social (and curious)

As a consumer and observer of social media, I enjoy watching what other users do and what seems to be successful.  My definition of successful is that which is engaging and gets a lot of responses. (Irrelevant side note:  Some day I want to teach Sociology of the Social Web). Some of the more popular antics I’ve seen work include: Give this picture a caption: A user posts a photo… [Read More…]

23 Jan 2012
Ninja Melissa Ward

Top 10 Tips to Loving Your LinkedIn Profile

When was the last time you gave your LinkedIn profile a little love?  When was the last time you even looked at your LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn is a handy network.  Certainly not as social as Facebook, but there are opportunities for interaction in groups, status updates and the Answers section. Before you go overboard joining groups and connecting to people, take a peek at your profile and review the information. … [Read More…]

12 Jan 2012
Ninja Melissa Ward

Social Media and SERPS Your World will Rank

It’s no secret that Social Media influences your search rankings, but where people seem to get lost is in HOW Social Media impacts SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).  So, let’s break it down into English or at least as far from geek-speak as I can manage. (If  you hear the Waa Waa Waa of Charlie Brown’s teacher stop for  a 10 second brain break.). Search Engines work on relevance, meaning… [Read More…]

10 Jan 2012
Ninja Melissa Ward

The Art of Social Commerce

Fact:  People do not join social networking sites to be pitched. Fact:  Businesses want to use social networking sites to increase sales revenue. It’s quite a conundrum, but there is a fairly simple solution. Ready….. Be there to help fix other people’s problems. Done…. kinda The goal is to get people invested in your community.  You do that by being the go-to person, the expert.  Being passionate about what it… [Read More…]

03 Jan 2012
Ninja Melissa Ward

Don’t be THAT Social Media Guy

Let’s face it; we are all “That Guy” once in a while.   We are human, wonderfully flawed – it just happens.  But by keeping a few little things in mind, you can avoid hitting “That Guy” syndrome too often. Don’t share a “news item” you have not verified.  A few weeks ago Facebook was over run by posts of a helicopter crash that occurred in August.  People were posting about… [Read More…]

27 Dec 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

Top 10 Questions about Facebook Business Pages

Working in Social Media, I get a lot of “How-To” questions regarding Facebook Business Pages.   People are either concerned about the mechanics (push this button, click this link) or the effectiveness of their page (aka – is it worth my time).  These are some of the most common questions and my answers to them. 10) How often should I post to my business page? According to Dan Zarrella the answer is… [Read More…]

20 Dec 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

Moving from a Facebook Personal Profile to a Business Page

Many businesses have joined Facebook under their business name instead of the business owner’s name.  For example:  John Doe set up a “personal profile” or “timeline” as John’s Coffee Shop.  It seems logical, but taking this route is not your best option. There are a number of dis advantages to this, the biggest of which is it is against the Facebook Terms of Service.  In addition, personal profiles are not… [Read More…]

16 Dec 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

Facebook’s New Timeline Profile

Facebook has started releasing the new timeline profile to the public.  You have about a week to play with it, then all profiles are being converted on 12/22. Some people have really enjoyed the change.  It’s a little stroll down the memory lane of your time on Facebook.  Vacation photos, births, weddings, parties, events you attended, status updates you’ve made can all be reviewed.   If there is a post or… [Read More…]

28 Nov 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

Does anyone know a good restaurant in….? (A Lesson in Local Marketing)

Last summer on the ride home from an amusement park in Springfield, Mass, my stomach started rumbling, letting me know it was time to eat.   I asked my travel companion if he was hungry too – he gave me a big yes – and so the search began. Actually it was an easy search.  While cruising down the highway, I whipped out my handy dandy Droid, pushed the funky looking… [Read More…]

26 Sep 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

How can the New Facebook Updates Help Your Business?

Social Media is about engagement and sharing. Many of the new Facebook updates give users the opportunity to share information in a different, more meaningful way and give admins greater tracking and analytics. Facebook made sharing more viral by adding a drop down to the share button. You can share an item on your wall, directly to a friend’s wall, in a group or on a Page you administer. You… [Read More…]

19 Aug 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

Measurables of Social Media

Number crunchers and bean counters rejoice!  Social Media can be measured!   (Hey, did you just hear a thunder clap?) Sales can be measured Web traffic can be measured Back links can be measured Rank can be measured Therefore Social Media can be measured… Step 1:  Set a goal Nothing in business is accomplished well without a goal.  If you don’t have an end point, something you want to achieve, then… [Read More…]

12 Aug 2011
Ninja Melissa Ward

Social Media and SEO

I often hear business owners claiming “I don’t have time for Social Networking”. I also hear “Facebook is for kids”. The point that these business owners fail to see is that Social Media and Social Networking sites have a great impact on their search results. Both Google and Bing have publicly admitted that shares on Facebook and Twitter (and now Google+) have a direct impact on ranking results. Example: You… [Read More…]