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Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Communities & Digital Assets Specialist

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Mark Roberts is a Communities and Digital Assets Specialist at Internet Marketing Ninjas. He works as a member of the administrative team for the Developer Shed suite of websites and forums where he curates content, performs daily maintenance, and eats a healthy diet of spam. He also helps manages social media for the Developer Shed sites. As a member of IMN's Digital Assets department, he researches, creates, and does promotion for digital assets like videos, infographics, and more.

A brief biography of Mark Roberts

Mark's first day at Internet Marketing Ninjas was in January 2014. Before that, he was a reporter for the Schenectady Daily Gazette where he took pride in being the eyes and ears of his local community. He also interacted with their social media accounts, sharing and promoting articles and listening to feedback from readers.

With the ninjas he acts as an Admin on the Developer Shed suite of sites and forums, which includes SEO Chat, Dev Shed, ASP Free, Dev Hardware, and others. There he performs routine tasks like daily maintenance, spam clean-up, and other customer services. But also, as a point of contact for the forums, he works with potential writers, analyzes traffic data, and helps to manage social media accounts. While wearing his other hat as a member of IMN's Digital Assets team, he writes research for and promotes videos, infographics, quizzes and more with a tight-knit team of fellow creative thinkers.

Mark graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. degree in English and heavy specialization in Russian works in translation. During his free time he likes to read old books, write haiku, and cook something new. He often visits friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and his family back home in Schoharie, NY. Currently, he shares a quiet home in the backwoods of Brunswick with five high school friends, two mischievous cats, and an overactive Australian Shepherd dog.

Mark Roberts's Posts
19 Aug 2016
Mark Roberts

Link Maintenance, Pinterest Video Ads, And More: Weekly Forum Update

Howdy folks! We’ve got plenty of intriguing news and expert advice in this week’s forum roundup. Summer’s winding down but our communities are as busy as ever! Did you know that it was Cre8asiteforums 18th birthday this month? They’re one of our crown jewels and there’s a lot of history in that forum! If you haven’t yet, their anniversary is a great excuse to head on over and browse some… [Read More…]

12 Aug 2016
Mark Roberts

AMP Pages, Ads in the Three Pack, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Facebook, AMP Pages, and Google’s 3-Pack are just some of the big news items our users are talking about this week. It’s a diverse bunch of stories, and we like that! Variety is the spice of life, after all. On WebmasterWorld, we’ll look at Facebook’s new battle against ad-blocking, the anniversary of the World Wide Web, and Google’s new expanded AMP support. On SEO Chat, users are talking about web… [Read More…]

05 Aug 2016
Mark Roberts

Search Analytics, Algorithm Rumors, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Boy was it ever a busy week! Google released a big ol’ document explaining clicks, impressions, and placements in search analytics reports recently. There are also rumors of a Google algorithm change or hiccup – perhaps more zombie traffic choking up the pipes? Facebook released some news about their own algorithm, Alphabet posted record profits, and our users are discussing 300 series redirects, the value of Domain Authority, and more!… [Read More…]

29 Jul 2016
Mark Roberts

Links and Usability, Verizon Buys Yahoo, And More: Weekly Forum Update

Yahoo is sort of alive and sort of dead as of this week – the end of an era, and the end of the road for Yahoo’s last minute, brazen, experimental approach to recovery. Our communities have been discussing the story, along with a few stories about links, AdSense, HTTPS, and more this week. One of our stories about links is actually quite different from the usual “how do I… [Read More…]

23 Jul 2016
Mark Roberts

My Search Console Was Hacked!: Weekly Forum Update

Stories both fascinating and terrifying fill this week’s forum update. Ever had your Search Console hacked before? It does happen – and it can be nerve-wracking to wonder how it happened and what can be done to fix it or prevent it from happening again. On WebmasterWorld, a user has been asking for advice in his battle with a particularly unscrupulous and persistent content scraper. We’ve also got an interesting… [Read More…]

15 Jul 2016
Mark Roberts

Dying Directories and Google Rumors: Weekly Forum Update

Hello again! We’ve got a quick roundup this week, but don’t be fooled – just like with your content, it’s all about quality not quantity. And these threads are some concentrated quality. On WebmasterWorld, users are talking about Google’s new battle with the EU and the extension of some cool “Now on Tap” features. From Threadwatch, we’ve got a discussion about directories and a new SERPs test that removes some… [Read More…]

08 Jul 2016
Mark Roberts

AdSense Isn’t Dead, But it is Different: Weekly Forum Update

There was a lot of news about Google’s Keyword Planner tool, AdSense, Facebook, and Amazon this week. Our communities have been discussing it all, and we’re here to highlight the best threads for you! That’s one of the best parts about our communities, if you ask me – it’s easy to get a healthy sampling of opinions about any news story you’ve been following, and most of them will be… [Read More…]

01 Jul 2016
Mark Roberts

Buyable Pins and Updates from Google My Business: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another weekly update from our communities! This week we’ve got some fun stories from WebmasterWorld, SEO Chat, Threadwatch, and Cre8asiteforums. On WebmasterWorld, users are talking about Facebook’s new algorithm update, buyable Pins from Pinterest, RankBrain, and more. On Threadwatch, we’ve got another story about the mysteries of RankBrain as well as a story about the recent drama with Google Keyword Planner. Finally we’ll pass through SEO Chat… [Read More…]

24 Jun 2016
Mark Roberts

Google Ads Go Green, Net Neutrality and More: Weekly Forum Update

Google sure has been busy lately! A new color for ad markers, announcements about planned Google Search Console features, AdWords in Google Local, and publishing some new AdSense tips are just some of the things our users are talking about this week! Our update will be heavily WebmasterWorld focused, so get ready for some expert and in-depth discussions from the sage masters of SEO! Let’s get started. Twitter to Allow… [Read More…]

17 Jun 2016
Mark Roberts

Net Neutrality, Vanity TLDs, and More: Weekly Forum Update

This week our communities are talking about Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, the specter of the online advertising bubble, marketing to women, Net Neutrality, and more! We’ve got some great stories from WebmasterWorld, Cre8asiteforums, Threadwatch, and SEO Chat – all the usual suspects. Here’s the scoop: Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion By the end of this year, Microsoft will be the proud owner of a shiny new LinkedIn. Microsoft… [Read More…]

10 Jun 2016
Mark Roberts

Google Says, “Don’t Be Bogus, Dude”: Weekly Forum Update

Google let the world know that bogus spam reports are a pretty dumb idea this week. Turns out that they have policies in place for identifying bogus reports and the users who frequently submit them. So if you’re falsely reporting your competitors, don’t be surprised when Google starts ignoring you! We’ve also got some good stories from WebmasterWorld to share, including Google’s latest legal battle, testing a new version of… [Read More…]

03 Jun 2016
Mark Roberts

The Determination of Trust and Other Stories: Weekly Forum Update

Hello again! We took a little break from writing updates last week but our communities have been busy in the meantime! And now we’re back to give you all the updates. There’s plenty of legal drama directed at Google for us to talk about; in Florida, a judge has ruled that Google must go to trial over removing a website from the SERPs and in France, Google’s Paris office was… [Read More…]

20 May 2016
Mark Roberts

Good News, Bad News, Long News: Weekly Forum Update

We bring you three types of news from our communities this week, as well as plenty of engaging discussions! Let’s start with the good news – Twitter’s character limit will be expanding… sort of. URLs and photos will no longer count against the character limit, leaving users a little more room to express themselves. In bad news, we’ll bring you coverage from WebmasterWorld about the recent security snafu at LinkedIn…. [Read More…]