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Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Communities & Digital Assets Specialist

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Mark Roberts is a Communities and Digital Assets Specialist at Internet Marketing Ninjas. He works as a member of the administrative team for the Developer Shed suite of websites and forums where he curates content, performs daily maintenance, and eats a healthy diet of spam. He also helps manages social media for the Developer Shed sites. As a member of IMN's Digital Assets department, he researches, creates, and does promotion for digital assets like videos, infographics, and more.

A brief biography of Mark Roberts

Mark's first day at Internet Marketing Ninjas was in January 2014. Before that, he was a reporter for the Schenectady Daily Gazette where he took pride in being the eyes and ears of his local community. He also interacted with their social media accounts, sharing and promoting articles and listening to feedback from readers.

With the ninjas he acts as an Admin on the Developer Shed suite of sites and forums, which includes SEO Chat, Dev Shed, ASP Free, Dev Hardware, and others. There he performs routine tasks like daily maintenance, spam clean-up, and other customer services. But also, as a point of contact for the forums, he works with potential writers, analyzes traffic data, and helps to manage social media accounts. While wearing his other hat as a member of IMN's Digital Assets team, he writes research for and promotes videos, infographics, quizzes and more with a tight-knit team of fellow creative thinkers.

Mark graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. degree in English and heavy specialization in Russian works in translation. During his free time he likes to read old books, write haiku, and cook something new. He often visits friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and his family back home in Schoharie, NY. Currently, he shares a quiet home in the backwoods of Brunswick with five high school friends, two mischievous cats, and an overactive Australian Shepherd dog.

Mark Roberts's Posts
16 Dec 2016
Mark Roberts

The Latest Yahoo Hack, Google Sandbox, and More: Weekly Forum Update

Big news this week, folks! Unfortunately, it’s bad news. Yahoo recently admitted to being hacked again… in 2013. The hackers took information from one billion accounts, which is staggering. In other news, Google has changed their “In the News” section to a “Top Stories” section to escape accusations of fake news, AMP URLs will be changing soon, and Bill Slawski has a fantastic article about Panda and quality scores that… [Read More…]

09 Dec 2016
Mark Roberts

Are Bad Links Still Worth Worrying About? Weekly Forum Update

From fake news and AdSense spam to site migrations and Google experiments, we’ve got a lot to talk about this week! As usual, our communities are buzzing with the latest news and SEO tips and tricks. I’m especially excited to share some advanced discussions from WebmasterWorld this week. One begins as a thread about bad links and Penguin, but evolves into a great discussion about links in general. In another… [Read More…]

02 Dec 2016
Mark Roberts

The Future of Online Reviews: Weekly Forum Update

We took a little break for the holidays, but now we’re back! Even though haven’t written a post in a few weeks, our forums didn’t take a break at all. In fact, if anything, they’ve been a bit busier discussing some of the latest news. This week’s title refers to the (perceived) growing power of online reviews. If you keep with us on SEO Chat, you’ll remember that a few… [Read More…]

11 Nov 2016
Mark Roberts

The Mobile-First Web: Weekly Forum Update

Perhaps the biggest piece of news this week is that Google’s mobile-first index has awoken. The project is starting small, Google says. Over time it will grow until the whole web is covered. At that time, and moving forward, the mobile index will be of significant importance to webmasters. Our community members are busy dissecting and discussing this and other pieces of news. We have posts about Progressive Web Apps,… [Read More…]

03 Nov 2016
Mark Roberts

The Citizens United of Google, The Fall of Vine, and More: Weekly Forum Update

This week was a bit depressing, news-wise. If you’re a fan of Vine, you’re probably mourning that Twitter pulled the plug. AMP pages are seeing wider use but failing to meet publisher expectations. And our Cre8asiteforums members are feeling dissatisfied with Facebook’s Insight Data reports. Take a look at some of our community discussions on these topics and more below. Facebook Insight Data: That Mind Blowing Useless BS Report Strong… [Read More…]

21 Oct 2016
Mark Roberts

Mobile Optimization Is Even More Essential: Weekly Forum Update

You thought Google was done with mobile and had moved on? No way! This week, our communities are all talking about some news that came out of Pubcon: a mobile index is coming and it’s going to be Google’s primary index going forward. So if you were willing to take a few hits on the chin and ignore mobile optimization, you could see yourself in a whole heap of trouble… [Read More…]

14 Oct 2016
Mark Roberts

Google Labeling Links and Blank Ad Units: Weekly Forum Update

In this week’s roundup we’ll check in again on Facebook’s Marketplace, ICANN’s takeover of the domain name system, and our awesome tools thread on SEO Chat. We also have some mysterious threads about Google for you. It was recently revealed that Google’s manual action team has the ability to see “link labels” that Google applies to your incoming links. What could they mean? Meanwhile, on the AdSense side of things,… [Read More…]

07 Oct 2016
Mark Roberts

Experiments, AI, and Links as Relationships: Weekly Forum Update

Penguin 4.0 is still rolling right along – but let’s take a break this week and explore some of the other exciting things happening in the SEO world! It’s important not to miss the forest by focusing on only one tree, after all. Our members have been sharing stories about Google’s AI, ICANN, Amazon, Facebook, and more. One story I’m particularly excited to share is about an experiment two of… [Read More…]

30 Sep 2016
Mark Roberts

Link Building Mistakes and Penguin 4.0: Weekly Forum Update

The aftermath of Penguin 4.0 has been…surprisingly peaceful! In the days after Penguin was announced last Friday, many members of WebmasterWorld reported that instead of a hurricane, all they got was a stiff breeze. But Penguin 4.0 also seems to be a slow beast – Gary Illyes only recently announced on Twitter that the penalty-lifting part of Penguin should be taking effect soon. So I hope you’re ready to follow… [Read More…]

23 Sep 2016
Mark Roberts

Penguin 4.0 is Live! And Other News

Good news Penguin 4.0 is upon us! You may not yet see the  impact until it fully rolls out though, so start checking your rankings! Along with Penguin news, we’ve got lots of stories about AMP pages. These super-fast mobile pages have been Google’s pet project this year, and they’re more prevalent now than ever before. Also check out a story about HTTPS, Google Keyword Planner, and the Coalition for… [Read More…]

16 Sep 2016
Mark Roberts

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Weekly Forum Update

Something crazy is happening over at Google HQ, and webmasters are seeing the results all over the place. What kind of update is it? Well…no one is quite sure yet. But you can get the best analysis at WebmasterWorld and our other communities! We’ll cover Google’s mysterious update, Twitter’s new character limit, spammy widgets, Google vs the EU, and more in this week’s update. If you’re looking for a link… [Read More…]

09 Sep 2016
Mark Roberts

Shrinking 6-Packs and Automated Tools: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome to another episode of SEO News! As always, I’m your host Mark Roberts. Sorry – I’m just practicing my newscaster voice because our communities have a TON of newsy discussions this week! Big changes and announcements from Google and Facebook take the fore, with a background discussion about automated tools that really shouldn’t be missed. Facebook Wants Advertisers to Improve Their Sites for Mobile Users Sounds familiar, right? First… [Read More…]

02 Sep 2016
Mark Roberts

Let’s Talk About Review Schema Guidelines and Interstitials – Weekly Forum Update

We took a break last week, but don’t worry; we’re back and we’ve got some big news to make up for it! Google changed their local review schema guidelines this week and Threadwatch has links to the full story. We’ve also got two stories from WebmasterWorld and Threadwatch about Google’s new policies for what it calls “intrusive interstitials.” Along with that, one of our SEO Chat gurus has a new… [Read More…]