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Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Communities & Digital Assets Specialist

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Mark Roberts is a Communities and Digital Assets Specialist at Internet Marketing Ninjas. He works as a member of the administrative team for the Developer Shed suite of websites and forums where he curates content, performs daily maintenance, and eats a healthy diet of spam. He also helps manages social media for the Developer Shed sites. As a member of IMN's Digital Assets department, he researches, creates, and does promotion for digital assets like videos, infographics, and more.

A brief biography of Mark Roberts

Mark's first day at Internet Marketing Ninjas was in January 2014. Before that, he was a reporter for the Schenectady Daily Gazette where he took pride in being the eyes and ears of his local community. He also interacted with their social media accounts, sharing and promoting articles and listening to feedback from readers.

With the ninjas he acts as an Admin on the Developer Shed suite of sites and forums, which includes SEO Chat, Dev Shed, ASP Free, Dev Hardware, and others. There he performs routine tasks like daily maintenance, spam clean-up, and other customer services. But also, as a point of contact for the forums, he works with potential writers, analyzes traffic data, and helps to manage social media accounts. While wearing his other hat as a member of IMN's Digital Assets team, he writes research for and promotes videos, infographics, quizzes and more with a tight-knit team of fellow creative thinkers.

Mark graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. degree in English and heavy specialization in Russian works in translation. During his free time he likes to read old books, write haiku, and cook something new. He often visits friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and his family back home in Schoharie, NY. Currently, he shares a quiet home in the backwoods of Brunswick with five high school friends, two mischievous cats, and an overactive Australian Shepherd dog.

Mark Roberts's Posts
22 Apr 2017
Mark Roberts

The Ad-Blocking Arms Race: Weekly Forum Update

Ahoy, and welcome to another weekly update from the Developer Shed Network! Our communities have been positively singing with activity lately – and we’re prepared to relay the song to you here, in blog post form. On WebmasterWorld, forum members are discussing the ad-blocking arms race. Some researchers at Princeton and Stanford think they’ve developed a magic bullet ad-blocker, but will it stand the test of time? In a different… [Read More…]

07 Apr 2017
Mark Roberts

Signature Links and April Fools: Weekly Forum Update

We’ve got a little bit of the serious and a little bit of the silly for this week’s roundup! WebmasterWorld has threads about Google’s April Fool’s Day pranks that we think you’ll enjoy. Then on SEO Chat, the title thread is an interesting discussion about forum signature links and their potential dangers. In addition to that, we’ve got news about Twitter Lite, Search News Central, organic mobile traffic, and what… [Read More…]

01 Apr 2017
Mark Roberts

Voice AI and More: Weekly Forum Update

If you thought this was a slow news week, think again! The whirlwind of great threads and discussion coming out of WebmasterWorld this week will change your mind. Probably the biggest news is the U.S. Senate’s decision about net neutrality. You’ve probably heard about that one on cable news – now you can read about it from the experts who make their living on the web every day. Among other… [Read More…]

24 Mar 2017
Mark Roberts

How to Find an SEO You Can Trust: Weekly Forum Update

Hello again! Since I last wrote an update, Spring has arrived! Hopefully a lot of you are enjoying some slightly warmer weather between bouts of wrestling with Google. We’ve got a lot of great news threads from WebmasterWorld and Cre8asiteforums this week, as well as our title thread from SEO Chat! I think it’s pretty common knowledge in the business and SEO worlds that sometimes people get burnt. Sometimes a… [Read More…]

17 Mar 2017
Mark Roberts

Meet Fred: Weekly Forum Update

The name on every webmaster’s lips this week was “Fred.” Or maybe it was on the tips of their fingers, since we’re talking about forum posts. Or both I guess. Well, at any rate, Fred has been making the rounds and our communities have been busy trying to figure out what, exactly, it is. But if you’ve been reading about Fred all week and are tired of that subject, fear… [Read More…]

10 Mar 2017
Mark Roberts

Google Killers and Chasing Phantoms: Weekly Forum Update

Sounds like the opening to a pulp detective novel, eh? Well, that’s what living in the SEO world feels like sometimes! Rumors are swirling everywhere about Google’s recent “Fred” update. Since there are so few concrete details, though, we’ve brought a group of more technical, deeper discussions this week. WebmasterWorld has been extremely busy, and we have threads about Google killers, Phantom updates, SEO weather and climate, fake information in… [Read More…]

03 Mar 2017
Mark Roberts

The End of DMOZ: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another update from our amazing communities! If you took a break from the news this week then, phew, you missed a lot! But don’t worry, we can get you caught up. DMOZ, a household name among SEOs, will be shutting down on March 14. Google has been busy as well – they released some new benchmarks for mobile bounce rates and discovered a new vulnerability in Microsoft… [Read More…]