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Joe Hall

Joe Hall

Senior Marketing Analyst

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Joe Hall is the Senior Marketing Analyst at Internet Marketing Ninjas. By working in web development, SEO, and social media marketing, Joe is prepared for almost any internet marketing task! Over the years Joe has worked with small nonprofits to large Fortune 100 companies.

A brief biography of Joe Hall

In 1996 Joe Hall started teaching himself HTML and JavaScript with free accounts from the now infamous “Geocities” and “AngelFire”. One of his first web projects was a directory of web games written in JavaScript that he called "Joe's World". Still to this day, Joe’s favorite HTML tag is, the now defunct, tag.

Joe received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Winthrop University with minors in Art History and History. During college Joe became the executive director of the National Disabled Students Union and spearheaded several national lobbying efforts. During this time, Joe studied the work of Dr Richard Wallace and his revolutionary “AIML”, which led to the development of in 2002.

After college, Joe worked with a handful of nonprofits to develop sustainable web properties with open source software. In 2007 Joe founded JOZSOFT to provide the same services to small businesses. In 2009 Joe launched a social media search tool called WhosTalkin garnered the attention of some of the biggest technology publications in the world, including white papers from MIT and The Department of Homeland Security.

“Empowerment” has always been a central tenant to Joe’s professional philosophy. Around 2009 Joe realized that web properties alone wouldn’t empower his clients and users. Therefore, he rebranded his company to 22 Media LLC and started providing full fledge internet marketing services. In December of 2012, Joe closed 22 Media LLC to come work at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Joe pulls from his experience in web development and grass roots politics to influence his understanding of marketing. He is currently a Senior Marketing Analyst at Internet Marketing Ninjas and writes for numerous online marketing publications and journals.

You can read Joe’s work on this blog, or follow him on Twitter at @JoeHall.

Joe Hall's Posts
27 Mar 2014
Joe Hall

Learn SEO With These Great Resources

Over the last couple of weeks I have been approached by friends about web sites they are starting with questions about SEO. Its hard for me to help people that don’t fall into the “client” category, for lots of reasons. But I try to take a little time with each and provide some tips and then give them some resources where they can learn more. After the second time of… [Read More…]

20 Mar 2014
Joe Hall

4 Alternatives To Guest Blogging For Link Builders

Well the news has been out for a while, but it looks like Google is actually starting to take aggressive action against guest blogging as a method to build links. While I completely disagree with Google on this strategy, I can see why they would want to clamp down on it: It works. However, whether it works or not, isn’t really an issue any longer. Now we are forced to… [Read More…]

13 Mar 2014
Joe Hall

Is The Internet Still A Cesspool? And Are You Part Of The Scum?

It feels like it was just yesterday, but surprisingly almost 6 years ago the then CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, famously said that the internet was a cesspool. At the time, his solution to cleaning things up was applying more trust in brands. “Brands are the solution, not the problem, […] Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” Many SEOs at the time assumed that this meant that Google’s algorithm… [Read More…]

06 Mar 2014
Joe Hall

What To Do When The Sh*t Hits The SEO Fan

You take your first sip of coffee of the day as you log into Google Analytics. Your dashboard loads up and instantly you spit coffee all over your keyboard. Because what you see on the chart in front of you just made your heart drop. Your web traffic is dead, leaving your analytics dashboard to look like a cliff at the Grand Canyon. If you have been doing SEO long… [Read More…]

27 Feb 2014
Joe Hall

Understanding SEO Strategies and Tactics

Sometimes I will be talking about SEO with someone, and the conversation usually goes something like this, ME: “So what type of strategy are you working on?” THEM: “Well, we are building some new content and then going to try some link building. We might get into Google+….honestly not sure.” Do you see the same problem I do? What this person just did was describe their strategy by listing a… [Read More…]

20 Feb 2014
Joe Hall

Links Are Dead! Long Live Links!

Probably one of the most hotly debated topics over the last several years with in the SEO industry as been the current relevance of links with in search engines ranking algorithms. Even before filters such as Penguin and Panda, SEOs long speculated that social signals were taking over as the predominant trust signal. I will even admit that at first I had my doubts about social signals replacing links, but… [Read More…]

13 Feb 2014
Joe Hall

Common Accidental Patterns That Can Trigger Panda Or Penguin

Google’s pattern matching algorithms such as Panda or Penguin are designed to filter out manipulative practices. However, sometimes it is possible to create these types of patterns completely on accident. These types of accidents can be costly and lead to over analysis because often times they appear innocent to the naked eye. Below are four common patterns that can easily be created on accident if you aren’t aware of them…. [Read More…]

30 Jan 2014
Joe Hall

How To Get Anchor Text Distribution Using Pivot Tables and OpenOffice Calc

The image you see to the right is called a doughnut chart. Its the same exact thing as a pie chart, but its even better, because well….its a doughnut! The data displayed in this particular chart is a break down of the top 25 keywords used as anchor text to my personal blog. This type of analysis is extremely important when detecting things like Penguin, and it looks great on… [Read More…]

23 Jan 2014
Joe Hall

Do Not Build High Quality Content For SEO, Build High Quality Patterns Instead

We have heard it over and over again. SEO evangelist, Google, cyber hipsters and pretty much everyone else says, “high quality content is required to do well in search engines.” In fact this narrative is repeated so much that I regularly see very smart people completely misunderstand the basics of information retrieval, which is the corner stone of SEO. So much time is spent talking about content in regards to SEO, that… [Read More…]

09 Jan 2014
Joe Hall

10 Alternative Search Engines To Google

Google tends to be the 800lbs gorilla in the room during most SEO discussions. However, they aren’t the only search engine on the web. In fact there are literally hundreds of alternatives to Google. Some of these focus on a small niche while others try to search the entire universe! Optimizing for these may not be worth your while, but understanding how different engines rank their results will give you… [Read More…]

17 Dec 2013
Joe Hall

SEO Skills For Success In 2014 And Beyond

SEO basics and fundamentals are now more important than ever. However, the always changing landscape of SEO forces most of us to learn new things every year and adapt. A year ago if you asked me what skills SEOs need to learn for the future, I might have said something completely different, but for 2014 I am willing to bet the following will be crucial. Taxonomy Design Taxonomy is simply… [Read More…]

10 Dec 2013
Joe Hall

SEO Paradigm Shifts To Follow in 2014

If you have been in SEO for any amount of time you are already well aware of the constant change in tactics and strategies. In fact I would argue that if you have left the industry for any amount of extended time, you are likely going to need a refresher course! Now, despite the fact that tactics and strategy are constantly changing, the fundementals generally tend to stay the same…. [Read More…]

05 Dec 2013
Joe Hall

How To Avoid A SEO Moderation Glitch

If you build too many links with the same exact match anchor text, you are going to fall to the Penguin filter algorithm. If you add too many optimized keywords to a page, and build too many spammy internal links, you are likely to get hit with the Panda filter algorithm. If you add to many ads above the fold, you are likely to get hit with the Page Layout… [Read More…]