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Gabriel "Gab" Goldenberg


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Gabriel Goldenberg is an experienced internet marketer who wrote the first book on advanced SEO. The book got very positive reviews, explaining its sales across over a dozen countries, many of whose main language is not English! (ex.: Poland, Thailand, France etc.) It also lead to Gabriel collaborating with IMN, since Jim bought a couple of copies and liked it.

A brief biography of Gabriel Goldenberg

Amongst my proudest achievements are:

  • Getting 25,000+ downloads for my Internal Link Building plugin, leading to my site ranking #3 on for 'SEO' (behind only 2 Wikipedia results, making me the de facto #1 ranked SEO in Canada) as well as simultaneously owning all three of the top spots for 'link building' on
  • Managing a team of a dozen bloggers located across Italy, France, Chile, India, Singapore and the US, as part of a successful link building strategy.
  • Inventing new tactics and giving engaging talks that have earned very positive feedback over Twitter and other channels. I've spoken at SMX Advanced, Pubcon, Affiliate Summit, FacebookCamp, and private training for companies that hired me and flew me in.
  • Making my talks fun things. For example, I've thrown insoles to audience members as prizes for answering questions well (walking a lot at big conferences hurts your feet). I've gotten audience members to talk to each other and try a tactic out immediately (this is more engaging than just listening, plus gets them practice, plus people want to network and my exercise provided an easy icebreaker), and I used a Sesame Street video without it being out-of-place or even a stretch.

I'm able to get above average results for clients thanks to my broad experience. I've worked with a variety of channels and tactics, including SEO, PPC (search, display and social), email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media and some domaining, as well as offline marketing and personal selling. Likewise my clients and experiences have ranged from mega sites to mom-n-pop shops hiring me for a few hours of consulting. This gives me the ability to strategize beyond just a narrow one-channel view and make connections between ideas from different fields.

I run a soccer site as a hobby, as well as my personal blog for fun, as well as working on making a better Jewish matchmaking service.

Gabriel "Gab" Goldenberg's Posts
14 May 2014
Gab Goldenberg

New Study Finds 40% of Americans Driving Distracted By Mobiles & Surprising Data On Who’s Most Dangerous

In a new study by Internet Marketing Ninjas, 40% of Americans admit to having driven while holding a mobile phone, in the past 30 days. We also discovered surprising demographic data: the 18-24 year olds were not the most dangerous age group of drivers, but were actually a lot safer than others! Here are the overall results based on 1009 responses, without any demographic segmentation: I’ll present an overview of the key findings,… [Read More…]

07 May 2014
Gab Goldenberg

Are Twitter Lead Gen Cards Worthwhile? Here’s My Case Study

I recently bought Twitter ads and used their new lead generation “cards,” a type of ad where Twitter users can subscribe to your newsletter without leaving Twitter. Here’s what my experience was like. Background: Twitter Lead Generation Cards Sponsored Tweets These ads have drawn a lot of attention, because acquiring subscribers is always a challenge for newsletter publishers and these cards promise to help them do it easily and at scale…. [Read More…]

30 Apr 2014
Gab Goldenberg

Youtube Channel Subscription Call To Action Makes Up To 3,100% Difference

Marketers know that unless you call people to take action, they won’t take action. I set out to quantify how much of a difference this makes for Youtube video subscriptions, shares and likes. For the too-long-didnt-read (tl;dr) crowd, the spoiler is that calling to action makes a 31x difference, or 3100%, in converting viewers to subscribers. Try getting that kind of lift in your average split test! There are five video screenshots here, with… [Read More…]

23 Apr 2014
Gab Goldenberg

3 Growth Hacks You Likely Haven’t Come Across

Here are some unique growth hacks I noticed while browsing around the web. (Growth hacks are just the application of creativity -often in the form of programming, hence hacking- to marketing. They’re abundant – increasing every day as more CRO happens and more educated marketers teach others at an ever faster pace thanks to the web.) 1. Related content at the end of a Youtube video, but before the “time” is… [Read More…]

16 Apr 2014
Gab Goldenberg

How To Optimize Email Acquisition Ads: See What Converts Best Without Leaving Mailchimp

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to go to your analytics to see which email acquisition campaigns and sources converted, and what the subscribers did afterwards? With Mailchimp you can… but most people don’t know how. So let me show you how I did it. Step 1: Open Mailchimp’s List fields and Merge tags page. It’s found under Settings, when you’re in the Lists tab (third down on… [Read More…]

09 Apr 2014
Gab Goldenberg

3 New Types Of Linkbait I’m Dying To Try Out & Why

I’m reeeeeeheeheeheeeeeaaaaaly excited to try out a few new-ish types of linkbait, and I’ll share them with you here and why I think they’re awesome. 1) Free book or poster giveaways. This is really exciting to me for two reasons. The first reason is that printing has gotten really, really cheap. I don’t know the history or when this happened, but to give you an example, printing The Advanced SEO… [Read More…]

02 Apr 2014
Gab Goldenberg

Can This Copywriting Tactic Light Up Your Prospects’ Brains And Open Their Wallets?

According to a study cited on LifeHacker, there are more parts of our brain activated via story-telling than when the same information is communicated merely via bullet points. For all of you who know how important split-testing copy is to increasing your conversion rate, this should be a big insight. To first clarify what it is we’re referring to with the word “stories,” since that word is so often abused,… [Read More…]

26 Mar 2014
Gab Goldenberg

Google’s Algo Is Improving … But How Smart Was It In The First Place?

Some friends a few years ago were pushing a piece of linkbait on Digg, whose title was something like “They Threw The Book – The USA’s Harshest Sentencing Judges Ever.” You would imagine that their client was someone in the legal field, right? Actually, the important keyword in that title is “book” and the client wasn’t even a bookseller, but a travel agency looking to rank for booking keywords. (Actually,… [Read More…]

19 Mar 2014
Gab Goldenberg

Hacker News: What Every Startup Marketer Must Know About This Unique Community

I’m running an experiment in learning about social voting sites with which I have little experience, and more recently I’ve been focusing on HackerNews. The site matters to a lot of startups and marketers who want to stay on the cutting edge, and can also be a good place to get usability or other feedback.  Not to mention that if your product appeals to this site’s demographic (software startupland’s developers, marketers,… [Read More…]

12 Mar 2014
Gab Goldenberg

This Shady Trick Lets Unethical Marketers Steal From Others … When Will Facebook Fix It?

Facebook’s ad pricing tests the ethics of a lot of marketers, by offering them big CPC discounts if only they’ll scrape others’ Facebook pages for user ID numbers.  I heard about this tactic in private discussion with a very savvy internet marketer. What happened is as follows. 1. First, Facebook created an ad targeting method called “custom audiences” whereby you can upload a list of emails, phone numbers or Facebook… [Read More…]

05 Mar 2014
Gab Goldenberg

What I Learned From 10+ Years Of Public Speaking & How You Can Rock The [Trade] Show

I get a huge rush from giving a speech, something like what other people experience from downing 3 red bulls and lb of candy. You can too. Even if the prospect of it currently makes you sweaty and uncomfortable, public speaking can be learned. I’ve studied some of the best businessmen performing this art – and some of the best entertainers, too. Here are some lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully the… [Read More…]

26 Feb 2014
Gab Goldenberg

Internet Marketing For Under $500/Month: Where Do You Start?

Vinny La Barbera wrote an awesome, easy-to-read, kick-in-the-pants internet marketing guide for small business owners, and I want to add direction for SMBs to know where to start. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads, blogging, and the list goes on – all these new terms and tools are really overwhelming, so how do you choose your starting point? First, you need to work backwards from your goals and an… [Read More…]

19 Feb 2014
Gab Goldenberg

New Case Study On Google’s Treatment Of 404 Pages, Links And Nofollow

In emailing recently with the brilliant tech geek Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey, I discovered – again – that the man is one of the IM world’s more advanced practitioners. I said I discovered this again because in the past, Eli was one of the first people who realized how to arbitrage ads and implemented the strategy at scale. You can try to pry the details out of him by reaching out privately… [Read More…]