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Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson

Former Director of Project Management Office

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Deborah Anderson (aka Deborah E in music circles) was the creator and director of the Internet Marketing Ninjas Project Management Office, to help organize all of the many diversified projects that IMN handled. She is the host of the Social Web Cafe TV weekly "Marketing Momentum" show on iHeart Radio, and host of her weekly WebToolsTV show (interviewing the people behind the brands). She is a social strategy coach, implementing her Masters in Industrial / Organizational psychology and she is co-writing a book with Ileane Smith on internet community-building.

A brief biography of Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson wears many hats and her addiction to acquiring knowledge in many areas is demonstrated through her vast experience. From professional training as a sound engineer at what is now the Los Angeles Film School, to graduating summa cum laude in software architecture (and project management) from Capella University (Minneapolis, MN), she often comments that she is only just beginning.

She and her husband Michael have been the "dream team" behind corporate fixes. They started their own hosting company and domain registration services (with the lowest priced domains for a week), "back in the day." Their synergistic way of working together has been requested for "behind the scenes" fixes by those who need to put their best foot forward. This was especially helpful during Deborah's time as director of information technology at the boutique financial firm, Bel Air Investment Advisors, in Beverly Hills, CA, where image and "getting it done right" were a requirement for the high net worth clientele.

Deborah's love of the stage doesn't stop with chart topping jazz music (as Deborah E), but also as host of the Marketing Momentum show on iHeart Radio, a "weekly checkpoint to inspire the marketing momentum that is within you."

In her spare time, she produces curriculum (including the Hangout Queen project, "taking your hangouts to the next level"), and writes books (including a novel!). She is back in her beloved Los Angeles (where she was #1 for over a year on RN jazz charts), getting the groove on and performing with her world-renowned pianist, Richard Green. She has already performed on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, so this is a welcome chance to reconnect with the Los Angeles scene.

Deborah and her husband own Social Web Cafe, a subsidiary of her husband's Seaside Records, with a full video and sound studio. This gives a lot of time to play and produce, and share those tips with others.

Deborah Anderson's Posts
10 Dec 2014
Deborah Anderson

Contextual Advertising: What Is It and Why?

Contextual Advertising, as a phrase, sounds so sophisticated, doesn’t it? Throw that one around in a couple of meetings and it sounds like you, as the marketing manager, know what you are talking about and expert in all things advertising. First, let’s jump into some resources that you can use, to get started with contextual advertising: Infolinks Infolinks is the epitome of contextual advertising. Infolinks is a creative look at… [Read More…]

14 Nov 2014
Deborah Anderson

Creating Interactive Videos

Video creation, Video marketing and SEO, Video training… all areas of my expertise.  However, with all of the fun video software and gadgets in my library and tool belt, I am always looking for more opportunities. Having already mastered the use of the Google Hangouts and the factory-like transition into sending them out as instagram vids and podcasts, it is time to expand on other areas where video content may… [Read More…]

10 Oct 2014
Deborah Anderson

The Pricing Challenges in eCommerce

Finding the right price for your product or service could be the difference between making a profit or not making a profit. It could also be the difference between surviving as a company and not surviving as a company or small business. In this economic crunch, since 2008, it has been challenging to identify that sure-fire way of continuing to make a profit, and part of that lies in the… [Read More…]

26 Sep 2014
Deborah Anderson

Why You Need a Landing Page and How To Get One

Landing Pages are a great marketing tool to deliver your sales message in a concise and to-the-point manner. When you want to convert your visitor to a paying customer (or newsletter subscriber, etc.), a landing page is the way to do it. After all, you don’t want them to get lost clicking on different places on your site and miss your opportunity. You really want those conversions. Landing Pages do… [Read More…]

19 Sep 2014
Deborah Anderson

Where Do Web Directories Fit Into the Internet Picture?

Web Directories serve many purposes, whether you are a consumer visiting the web directory to find a solution to your problem or a company wanting to gain exposure for your brand. Either way, the web directory helps to meet those objectives. Web Search and Web Directories Many times we refer to “Googling” something, performing an internet search with a tool like Google, Bing, or another search provider. There used to be… [Read More…]

01 Aug 2014
Deborah Anderson

Adding Some Pizazz To Social Sharing.. with Sniply!

Earlier this week, a friend of mine, Alex Yong, sent me to a really cool page. Not only was it interesting content, but what was that thing in the lower corner? It was social sharing by way of Sniply! Sniply allows you to create all sorts of fun social sharing options, including links, buttons, and forms. With the upgraded, paid version, you can have even more options. And, I liked… [Read More…]

18 Jul 2014
Deborah Anderson

Sharing Your Greetings: Holidays, Birthdays, and Anytime Greetings

With a couple of holidays hitting North America (Canada’s Canada Day and the United States’ Independence Day) this month, it got me searching for that list of web sites to use for sending greetings. Hey, greetings can be sent for holidays, birthdays, and just to say “hi.” For savvy business people you can find uses for greetings sites to work into your engagement. I’m going to start with one of… [Read More…]