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Craig Mormino

Craig Mormino

Digital Asset Team Leader

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Craig Mormino is the Digital Asset Team Leader at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Craig and his team are in charge of the research, development and promotion of infographics, quizzes, applications, and other digital content. Craig leads brainstorming sessions that are conducted to draft digital asset concepts catered to the individual needs of each client. Following the promotion of each digital asset, he prepares in-depth evaluations of the team's accomplishments in social sharing, link acquisition and other analytics

A brief biography of Craig Mormino

Craig joined Internet Marketing Ninjas in August of 2011 and has since worked in content marketing, social media, community management and digital assets. As the team leader of the digital asset team, he prides himself on the quality projects him and his team deliver. The team's infographics are have proven to be especially successful and have been published on leading websites around the world including AOL, Huffington Post, Inc, and Yahoo among others.

Craig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. His hobbies and interests include do-it-yourself projects, home brewing, video games, motorcycling, and spending time with family and friends. In his free time he is a member of the Albany Gaelic Athletic Association and plays for the Albany Rebels Gaelic Football Team.

Craig Mormino's Posts
01 Nov 2016
Craig Mormino

The Twitter Logo Redesign By Who Might Buy It (Eventually)

It’s no secret that Twitter has been having difficulty trying to sell itself. Once Salesforce opted out of making a bid on the social media platform in early October, its future started to become uncertain. Companies once rumored to be interested, such as Google, Facebook, and even Disney, have all since revealed that they have no plans to place a bid. While Twitter continues its desperate search, we decided to… [Read More…]

30 Nov 2015
Craig Mormino

The Meme Regime: A Gallery of Creativity from the Age of the Internet (Infographic)

“The Age of the Internet”: That’s how historians will describe the era we live in. The Internet is how and where we do everything. Learning, shopping, news, entertainment, you name it: It’s all instantly available at the click of a button. Twenty years ago, that little piece of trivia on the tip of your tongue might drive you crazy all day long. Today, as quickly as you can pull your… [Read More…]

14 Jan 2015
Craig Mormino

The Race to Search Engine Supremacy: A History of How and What We Search Online (Infographic)

Since the dawn of the World Wide Web, the Internet has become a truly gargantuan place. Despite its size, the nearly infinite amount of information and content available there can be located and accessed in seconds. How is such an impressive task made possible? Search Engines. The ability to efficiently search the Web became a necessity shortly after its inception, and companies from around the world rushed to meet that… [Read More…]