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Chris Boggs

Chris Boggs

Former Chief Operating and Marketing Officer

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Chris is a seasoned veteran of Internet marketing, and has earned leadership roles within a number of industry organizations and digital agencies since he entered the space in 2000. Chris brings an unbridled and contagious passion to integrated marketing planning and brainstorming - this drives measurable results for clients when coupled with his wealth of experience across industries.

A brief biography of Christopher Dixon Boggs (Chris)

Jim Boykin & Chris Boggs in 2007Jim Boykin & Chris Boggs in 2007

Chris was born in Belgium and raised in Europe and Australia before settling into the US in his high school years, when he attended Washington DC prep school St. Alban’s. After high school and some time in college at the University of Georgia, Chris joined the United States Marines Corps where he rose to the rank of Corporal and served as an Artillery Section Chief commanding a 155mm Howitzer team.

After completing his service, Chris translated the leadership skills he had acquired in the Marines to an emergent field in 2000: Search Engine Marketing. His long-time friend hired him to work at a health insurance agency in San Diego, where the weather was perfect for “not-when-the-surf’s-up” marketing. At that point, Chris began to learn about SEO and Paid Search in order to help drive traffic to some of the first online health insurance portals.

In 2004 after completing a BS in Marketing in San Diego, Chris moved with his wife across the country and settled until 2006 with the G3 Group near Baltimore Maryland, where he began to learn more about technical SEO. During this period as the Director of Online Marketing, Chris refined his skills in SEO and PPC, and also became very active in the online search community. He gained reputation at Search Engine Watch Forums and is still among the highest reputation of all time Moderators and users. Chris was invited to speak at his first Search Engine Strategies conference in 2005, and has grown to become a regular fixture in the SES series, currently serving on the North American Advisory Board.

Chris also shared his passion with others in the industry that were interested in supporting a growing a non-profit associated with Search. fit the bill perfectly, and Chris volunteered extensively then was elected by the membership to become a member of the Board of Directors in 2006. He has since been reelected twice, and has served as Secretary, President, and now Chairperson.

Chris joined (then Avenue A) Razorfish and was the lead SEO Strategist - based out of Philadelphia from 2006 to 2007. During this time he learned a lot about the nuances of working with Fortune 100 companies, and became very experienced in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry. Chris took an opportunity to join Brulant in 2007 in order to move closer to family and to take on a new challenge, and it turned out to be a tremendous move for his personal growth as a leader and an integrated marketing strategist.

Brulant was subsequently acquired by Rosetta in 2008, which was acquired by Publicis in 2011. During this time frame, Chris further refined his executive and strategic acumen, while tirelessly championing the need for increased interfunctional coordination within client marketing ecosystems across industries. Chris continued to work with some pharma clients, but gained immeasurable experience working with eCommerce platforms as well as financial services Web sites and digital assets.

The greatest gift Chris Boggs brings to Internet Marketing Ninjas is his passion for training. Following in Jim Boykin’s footsteps and often darting additionally from side-to-side, he spends a considerable amount of time as an executive directly teaching ninjas and clients how to practice the art of internet marketing.

***Update 7/2013 - Chris has been promoted from CMO to Chief Operating and Marketing Officer, in order to formally assume direction of Ninja operations.

Chris's Previous Speaking Events

SES New York 2013
New York, New York

March 25-28, 2013

Pubcon New Orleans 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 22-25, 2013

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Chris Boggs

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10 Jul 2013
Chris Boggs

Google as a Sentiment Analysis Tool for Public Relations Professionals

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26 Jun 2013
Chris Boggs

Leveraging Fantasy Sports Tactics for Internet Marketing Success

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Chris Boggs

Are You Ready for When the SEO Manure Hits the Fan?

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12 Jun 2013
Chris Boggs

8 Can’t Miss Sessions at SES Toronto 2013

Today the Ninjas head up and over to beautiful Toronto, Canada to participate at SES Toronto.  (For full transparency, I should mention that I serve on the North American SES Advisory Board.) I will be moderating a couple panels Thursday June 13, and on Friday Ninjas founder and CEO Jim Boykin will be presenting a deep dive into Google’s Penguin algorithm and the way they are treating Authorship. As I… [Read More…]

05 Jun 2013
Chris Boggs

Did Penguin 2.0 Kill Review Search Experience?

Something sinister has happened within my Google search results… my review sites are disappearing and all I can find is one person’s opinion! Well, actually about 6-7 peoples’ opinions, based on what I am seeing. I discovered this when finalizing my recent decision to purchase an HTC One. I am the type of Web surfer that likes to see a List-form of reviews come back to me, as is commonly… [Read More…]

29 May 2013
Chris Boggs

SEO Automation: Page Title Wins and Canonical Conundrums

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