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Brendan MMcGroggan

Brendan MMcGroggan

Community Manager

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Brendan entered the world of SEO in 2013 by joining Internet Marketing Ninjas as a link builder. Before coming to IMN, he spent over a decade working in Supermarket Retail Management while playing music and touring across the country. Those years honed his creative spark and die hard work ethic, both of which proved to be an excellent fit for the SEO industry. One year and several internal moves later, he is now the Infographics Manager and part of the Community Management team at IMN.

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02 May 2014
Brendan MMcGroggan

Social Media Management & Audience Trust […as illustrated through music festivals]

Have you ever had an interaction with a brand’s social media that was so bad it made you think “How does anyone trust this brand? How can I trust this brand?” I recently found myself on the customer end of such a situation. However, the offending brand didn’t represent a product, it represented a music festival. When it comes to effective social media engagement, few brands revel in it more… [Read More…]

17 Feb 2014
Brendan MMcGroggan

When Facebook Failed Me…and how it’s failing hardworking musicians

Recently, I missed a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) by one of my favorite rock bands, The Lawrence Arms. When I went in search of the answer to “why” I missed it, I uncovered something unfortunate about how Facebook’s recent newsfeed algorithm change is affecting musicians. It all started with a rock band… I ‘liked’ The Lawrence Arms Facebook page months upon months ago. The page currently has 37,158 fans…. [Read More…]