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Archive: March 2008
29 Mar 2008

What’s Jim up to? I’m Feeling Lucky.

I haven’t been blogging much….sorry……ya know, I’m totally down with staying under the radar. There’s enough other people keeping each other in check that I’m fine with sitting back and watching the games being played. I’m fine with reacting internally to what goes on out there, and not being a part of the conversation these days. But hey, I thought I’d give a brief update on what Jim’s been up… [Read More…]

27 Mar 2008

SEO Class Troy NY April 11th – Free to IM Ninjas.

In a few weeks (April 11th) we’re having the first SEO Class of the year. It will be held at the Franklin Square Inn in Troy New York (just north of Albany). The presenters that day will be: Chris Winfield (10e20) Michael Gray (Graywolf) Kim Krause Berg (Cre8pc) Ted Ulle (Tedster) Barry Schwartz (Rustybrick) Greg Niland (GoodROI) Jim Boykin (We Build Pages) On April 12th we’re taking a bus to… [Read More…]

13 Mar 2008

WBP buys, and offers 4 Live Training Dates.

So this is just my leaking the news that We Build Pages has acquired SEO Class has been a leading Internet Marketing training program providing live SEO Training classes. We’re going to take SEO Class to the next level, and offer 4 classes from New York, to San Francisco, to Dallas, to Edinburgh, Scotland. These classes will include many well know experts in the field of Internet Marketing. These… [Read More…]