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Archive: August 2007
28 Aug 2007

Cat Post 3: Bedless in Atlanta Airport Overnight.

On Friday there was a big ole storm in Atlanta (think Chicago too). Know I wasn’t alone that Friday. Poor Kim too (as Bary says you got the short end coming and going). At 11:40 am I boarded a flight from San Jose to Atlanta. When we reached Atlanta, they were covered with a storm. We ended up flying in circles a lot, and once landed in Huntsville for several hours to… [Read More…]

28 Aug 2007

Cat Post 2: Giving Back to San Francisco. Giving Food to Homeless.

My plane was leaving on Friday morning from San Jose to Albany New York, and it looked like I’d have time Thursday to go to San Francisco for a trip. I had felt only slightly "robbed" of missing Kings Canyon (at least that’s how I justified a second "side trip" in my mind) and the Haight-Ashbury district seemed to be calling me. It’s been probably 3 years since I’ve been there, and… [Read More…]

28 Aug 2007

Cat Post 1: Panhandling in California to get back to SES.

I’m trying to play catch-up this week after being out last week to San Jose SES. Monday went down for almost 30 hours…I’m dreading all the lost emails that bounced back….but that’s another rant post not for now….I’ve also got a bunch of pictures from last week that I still have to publish (another post), and I’ve got shaky camera video of Matt and Graywolf from the "Are Paid… [Read More…]

20 Aug 2007

SEO’s are from Mars – Domainers are from Uranus

I’m at SES in San Jose this week, but I’ve got a post from my COO, Chuck Price, who was a the Domain Roundtable Conference in Seattle last week. Jim   Hey there – I’m Chuck Price, COO at We Build Pages. Please don’t take offense at the title of this post. As a marketing guy, I just couldn’t resist! I just returned from the Domain Roundtable Conference in Seattle…. [Read More…]

10 Aug 2007

SEO, Time Travel, and Custom Web Content.

Online custom publishing is a crucial part of marketing strategy. Also, We Build Pages is working on time travel. Hello folks, I’m Robin, the new Content Services Coordinator (former Link Ninja) here at We Build Pages. I’m making a guest appearance on Jim’s blog because he’s busy driving the DeLorean around the block a few times. (We plan to offer time machine services in addition to SEO quite soon. Once Jim figures out… [Read More…]

08 Aug 2007

Domain Roundtable Conference in Seattle Aug 12-15,2007.

A few weeks ago Chuck (my COO) and I were fishing out back with Stuntdubl until the wee hours of the morning while downing a few drinks, and one of the things that was brought up was the Domain Roundtable Conference that’s in Seattle on Aug 12-15th (official info here). Todd had also blogged about this conference. I think he’s hoping to make it…but last I knew he wasn’t positive…. I… [Read More…]

07 Aug 2007

Non SEO: Back to the Future – Jim’s trip to the past, to future Delorean.

Back in December I noted that I had been seeking a Delorean. I’ve actually been looking at them on ebay for over 2 years now. I own a bunch of model Delorean’s, and a handful are floating around the office here…it’s always been "one day… day…." (I’ll get one). I guess it’s never been the right car, or the right time…that is untill a few days ago.  The car was… [Read More…]

07 Aug 2007

Give your potential customers content to read.

I just received an invitation to attend an American Marketing Association (AMA) Lunchian/networking event in Albany NY this thursday the 9th on the topic of "Custom Publishing: The Marriage of Journalism and Commerce", with Michael Winkleman as the speaker. The interesting thing about the invite are these 2 paragraphs that give some interesting stats on both how companies are now allocating more resources towards content creations, and how consumers are tending to… [Read More…]

05 Aug 2007

Non-SEO: Lincoln and Kennedy Assassination Similarities.

Cat Post: Lincoln and Kennedy Assassination Similarities. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both wives lost their children while living in the White House. Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. Both Presidents were shot in the… [Read More…]

02 Aug 2007

Game: Beat dup content, hidden text, cloaking, redirect, link farmer, spam lord.

This morning Gareth from shot me over an email about a new cool SEO game they’ve released today. In this game you’ve got to fight: Hidden Text Kid KeyWord Stuffer Duplicate Content Girl Cloaking Monster MR Redirect Link Farmer Spam Lord Matt Cutts is the referee in the game. Play the SEO Game Here. Mr Redirect got me. How far did you get?  

01 Aug 2007

How to Find if a Page is in Google’s Secret Supplemental Results.

A method to find if a page is in Google’s New Secret Supplemental Results. After reading Danny’s post today on "Google Dumping The Supplemental Results Label." I thought I’d write on how I’ll analyze a page to see if it might be in the Supplemental Results…even if Google won’t tell me outright that a page is in the Supplemental Results Index, I can still get a pretty good guess if… [Read More…]