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Archive: December 2006
20 Dec 2006

Paid Links and Losing Trust

There’s a highly interesting thread going on at SEOmoz about what Google should officially say about the issue of buying text links. Rand starts the thread out with comments about the nofollow tag and ends with what he feels Google should use as a written statement about buying text links. Rand thinks Google should say: Honestly, if a relevant, high-quality link requires financial compensation to acquire, we have no problem… [Read More…]

17 Dec 2006

5 Things you didn’t know about Jim Boykin

So I’m sure most of you have seen lots of bloggers doing the "5 things you didn’t know about me post" that’s also a "tag" game.  I believe this game was started by Jeff Pulver and it’s been working its way around to so many SEO bloggers that I just can’t name them all….Luckily, Michael Jensen started a tag tree showing the progress of this tag game. I’ve been tagged… [Read More…]

13 Dec 2006

Forward Links – Because who you link to matters

I’m sure most of you heard about SEOmoz making changes in how they link out and the use of the nofollow. As Rand stated: …It’s also an excellent time to talk about how bad outbound links can affect your website. At SEOmoz, we’ve got 10K+ members with profiles, and a visible amount of those were linking to some naughty places (at least, enough to have it mentioned to me in person)…. [Read More…]

08 Dec 2006

The Perfect Link is a Unicorn

The Perfect Link is a Unicorn – By Jen  (Link Ninja in Training) Finally, my stealth Ninja abilities have allowed me to infiltrate Jim Boykin’s blog. I have come here because there is something I feel you should know. I think it is best that you hear this from someone who has spent 40 hours a week for the past few months seeking the perfect link. It does not exist…. [Read More…]

06 Dec 2006

Get 10,500 Links – Only $24.95/month!

I was in my office today when I heard my sales manager (and Ninja) today on the phone (his office is next to mine, and he’s got a lould voice) at one point he raises his voice even more in exhaustion, saying something to the effect of: "It’s not the number of links that matter, it’s all about the quality and neighborhood that effects your search engine rankings…if you’re looking for… [Read More…]

05 Dec 2006

Tuesday Night Link Request Spammer Fun.

> Dear webmaster,> we are very interested in a linkxchange with your website.> > We could offer you a PR 6 page for your reciprocal link –> texas- holdem- – we will place> your link under the left menu on this page. Do you agree? If yes, then> send us please the exact location where you could place our link.> > Thanks.> > Jeremy CXXXXX (edited last name)… [Read More…]

03 Dec 2006

Get backlinks from pages that have backlinks.

Last week we released a handful of new SEO Tools, and updated some older SEO tools. One of these tools has quickly turned into my new favorite tools….the Strongest Subpages tool. (we’ve also got a private version that shows the top 100 subpages, and shows the title tags for those pages). So why do I love this tool you ask? Because you can find the best pages to get links… [Read More…]