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Archive: July 2006

24 Jul 2006

Google Adwords Unconditional Money-back Guarantees!

OK – let me clarify my post title. Google doesn’t really offer an Adwords Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee…..but they should since they say that SEO’s should do this….practice what you preach….or change what you preach Google. The page that ranks #4 in Google for "SEO" is the old "Google Information for Webmasters" – since renamed "What’s an SEO? Does Google recommend working with companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?" Yea,… [Read More…]

17 Jul 2006

Away at Hostingcon 2006 Las Vegas this week.

I’m leaving tomorrow to head to hostingcon 2006 in Las Vegas. On Wed I’m speaking on "What it takes to Rank High in Google". I’ve got my powerpoint all set…but I thought I could at least share my "HTML Notes" with everyone here if you want to see some of what I’ll be discussing…though realize that this is just an outline of what I’ll be talking about (and my powerpoint… [Read More…]

14 Jul 2006

Propeller Heads, Ponytails, Rainmakers, & Suits oh My!

I was just reading another great article by Michael Martinez on’s blog called "SEO Strategies: Organizing Your Project Team" which of course perked my interest. That set me to thinking on "Ponytails", "propeller-heads", and "rain makers" …I used to have an old bookmark that explained these more in detail, but looks like that domain expired so the content is gone….but I did find a thread over here, where Joomlasticman… [Read More…]

14 Jul 2006

How 46% of SEO’s get away with not buying text links.

I’ve been amazed at my recent poll that shows that 46% of my readers that voted said that they never buy text links.  Now keep in mind, my blog is about 80% dedicated to "link building" topics….and yea, I do buy some under the radar quality links…so it really suprised me that almost half of you Never buy text link ads. My latest poll asks "Do you buy text ads?"… [Read More…]

13 Jul 2006

Abhilash on the Future of Text Link Building.

Many of you might not know Abhilash, but he’s a great SEO and also happens to be a Link Ninja. Abhilash just wrote a great post on "Predictions on the Future of Text Link Building" that’s definitely worth the entire read. Abhilash says: Link building has changed dramatically over the past couple of years, and the sophistication level of quality link building has definitely gone up. Where are we going… [Read More…]

07 Jul 2006

Linking out – The overlooked link neighborhood.

Through search engine watch I found a thread on highrankings forum where wowdezign starts by asking: I always here people say, “don’t link to bad neighborhoods”. I agree with that thinking. Is the reverse true? If I link to several authoritative sites, and/or sites that naturally relate to my topic, can that add to my credibilty as far as search engines go? For example, when you write a research paper, doesn’t… [Read More…]

07 Jul 2006 – SEO Jamaica Gathering Sept 15-18 2006.

I’ve been hearing rumors about a SEO Gathering in Jamaica. Today I got a great newsletter from and tucked in there was the info on the Search Bash in September 15-18 in sunny Jamaica. As Darrin says: "WebmasterRadio.FM is in the business of communicating…and SearchBash is about doing that in a relaxed, fun environment that you won’t soon forget. " It’s Jamaica and SEO – Sounds like a smokin… [Read More…]

05 Jul 2006

Changes – Going from SEO Chess to CEO Chess.

From SEO to CEO. I didn’t ask to be a CEO, it was thrust upon me almost 4 years ago….and for years, I considered myself a SEO first, and a CEO second.  That’s what got me to where I am today….but lately I’ve reversed that line of thinking. I’m an CEO with people and plans first, and am still a pretty die hard SEO as well. The past few weeks I’ve… [Read More…]