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Archive: September 2005
30 Sep 2005

Aaron Wall interviewed by Andrew Johnson

Aaron Wall is one of my favorite SEO Bloggers and SEO book authors, & chat buddy, was just interviewed by Andrew Johnson. Here’s a quote from Aaron: "I worked for my first customer for $100, and the second site was adult and they paid me $300. They both quickly ranked #1 and the adult site owner loved me so much that he gave me a Christmas presant somewhere around $1,000… [Read More…]

29 Sep 2005

Monthly Payment SEO Scams

I was listening to the Jupiter Webinar "How to Select a Search Marketing Partner" by Chris Sherman today and during the end Q & A someone asked about Monthly fees for SEO. Chris did say that for pages which don’t change, optimizing once is probably all they need…..but he also said something like "as search engines change their algorithms, your pages might need to change as well" (I’m paraphrasing from my… [Read More…]

29 Sep 2005

SEOmoz 93 ranking factors

I don’t want my blog to ever turn into a regurgitated news blog, but today I came accross such a good article on factors which effect search engine rankings that I just have to post a link to it here too. 93 factors which effect search engine rankings from Rand Fishkin with the help of some pretty wise people at SEO Chat.

27 Sep 2005

Yahoo Email Broke?

I used to get about 100 emails a day in my Yahoo Bulk Email Folder. I now get about 5 a day in my bulk folder. The other 95 are going right in my inbox. What’s up with that Yahoo? Are your bulk email filters broken? I mean like how does stuff like this get past your filter? and no, my email is not coyote_ugly_galpower@yahoo. com, and I don’t speak… [Read More…]

26 Sep 2005

Picture of Link Neighborhoods

What’s the best order in the Chaos of Linking? I’m often asked these questions:How does Google order websites? How do Yahoo, and MSN order websites. Why don’t they give the same results? What does it take to be #1? Why did my rankings change? I’m going to attempt to answer all these questions with a picture and a bit of explanation. Here’s a picture of some linking neighborhoods. Print it… [Read More…]

25 Sep 2005

I’ve got SEM.Jobs

I played around some today looking at the new .job domain name extentions. These domains are still available I passed on the above…but I ended up buying for $160.15 ($119.95/year + $39.95 application fee (yea, don’t ask me why math doesn’t add up)) from Godaddy. PS. Darn….I see is available….but I don’t have an address in europe (which you need in order to purchase a new .eu… [Read More…]

21 Sep 2005

Before I got to #1

Today I ran a search in Google for "what time zone is ohio" It answered my question…but it gave me a few new questions. Before I got to the #1 Result, I see 2 areas Google’s put on top. 1. how did this page: above the "Book results"? (and hey…another type site!) I see in the URL when I mouse over the OHIO that Google Answers is in the URL….but….how can… [Read More…]

20 Sep 2005

Pass that joint over here!

I just got an email lead for services. I’m not sure what this guy is smoking, but I’d appreciate if he’d pass some over here. Here’s some of his email: "….What we would like to do of course is achieve number one positions on all search engines for those words which are:  Horse, Horses, Sports, Software, Free Software, Bet, Gambling, Online Gambling, Sports Betting, Horse Racing. ….As I said at the beginning… [Read More…]

20 Sep 2005

New Age of Website SEO Tools

2 new SEO Tools by We Build Pages – Age and Links Analysis Tools Every day I get calls with people saying "I want to be #1 for "Green Widgets""My first question to them is "How old is your site?"Followed by my quickly running Yahoo’s linkdomain searches for the top sites to get an idea of what they’d be up against. Now we’ve got a tool which does this much faster…. [Read More…]

15 Sep 2005

I like ’em old.

When Leads come in, I review them, and either trash them, send them to Todd, or handle myself. Often when I send them to todd, I attach a small note like: "Since 1999 (potential)" or "since 2003 – maybe"….today I sent one to Todd which said "since 1997" Note, that these little notes don’t say "It’s a PR6" or "It’s got 500 links" or "product looks great" or anything like… [Read More…]

15 Sep 2005

Pay Yahoo to remove your title tag??

Hello Yahoo! Why can’t you change this? When filling out the form for submitting your site to the Yahoo, it is required that: (according to this page) "If your site is commercial, the title submitted must be the company name. Any request to change a business name to something other than its actual name will not be accepted. " So if my company name is "Bob Jones Inc." then there is no debate… [Read More…]

14 Sep 2005

Scraping Whole Pages is not Cool.

I shouldn’t be one to throw stones in glass houses.I guilty of experimenting with lots of methods of trying to get traffic to websites – some methods have been blacker than others, so I’m in no way saying I’m "Mr. Clean". I am however going to toss a small stone to those who steal content (like whole pages of it). Each week I get an email from copyscape showing me the… [Read More…]

14 Sep 2005

Forward Link Look Tool – V1

In wanting to analyze "Links Out" a bit more (to better view the neighborhood) I had a programmer working on a tool to peek at title tags of pages being linked to. I just got back a version of that tool’s not quite was I was seeking – so it looks like there’ll be another tool after this one (the one I envisioned), but this tool is still pretty cool.   Forward… [Read More…]