Backlink Analysis & Disavow Revision

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Have you ever analyzed your backlinks? Have you ever submitted a disavow file to Google? What’s a link worth to you? What if there are some good links in your disavow? What if there are some bad backlinks that should be in your disavow but aren’t?

Your backlink profile is one of the most important parts of your overall SEO efforts, and making a mistake can be VERY costly. That’s why you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone. Listen to this podcast to hear Jim talk about how he analyzes links.

At Internet Marketing Ninjas, our CEO Jim Boykin is one of the foremost experts on links, link analysis, and disavows in the world. Jim has completed over 200 disavow files for clients and he’s written & spoken on link quality and reconsideration requests extensively. And for $999, he’ll analyze your link profile for you.

When you buy a link analysis and disavow, Jim will personally look over your link profile and create a disavow file for your site. He’ll also review any pre-existing disavow that you have and show you any changes that he’d recommend. Once the analysis has been completed, Jim will provide you with a review call (1 hour) to go over all of the data.

You will also obtain access to the run of our private Backlink Analysis Tool, where you can run a deep dive on all of your site's backlinks. As an added bonus, you’ll also get a free run of our Featured Snippets+ Tool. (This is an on-page optimization tool, unrelated to links, but it’s another valuable utility that can help you to greatly improve your site.) And if you decide you’d like to hire our team for link building services on a regular basis, we’ll give you the $999 back as a credit on your first invoice.

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you happen to be dissatisfied with the analysis.

Backlink Analysis & Disavow Package

Only $999!

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Backlink Analysis & Disavow Package

Only $999!