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07 Feb 2014

“Flawless Consulting” A [book] tool worth adding to your tool set

“Flawless Consulting,” by Peter Block, isn’t your average book. For those who desire to learn and apply the knowledge contained in it, this is a book that has the potential of breathing new life into your business and possibly even your personal life and relationships with people. First, before describing what the book is about, let’s take a moment to define the word “consulting,” Peter Block does a wonderful job…

01 Jul 2013

Ted Ulle’s Last Teachings on WebmasterWorld.

Every day for years Tedster was helping people in Webmasterworld.  I was looking at some of his words that he wrote on his last day posting.  Every day he offered great advice, but reading the last pieces of advice he gave, there’s some messages here…  Below is some great advice from Ted on his last day posting in WebmasterWorld on June 6th 2013. First, understand that it’s impossible for anyone…

26 Jun 2012

HOW TO: SEO’s Guide for Buying Website Content

It is commonly known that website content is an important part of a sound organic search online marketing strategy. To meet the content creation needs of webmasters and marketers a wide variety of content creation options emerged. This article provides a concise guide that outlines the various content creation options for either adding content to existing organic search “landing pages” or adding new pages to your website. Note however, this guide does not…

04 Apr 2012

4 Key Considerations For Site Trust Symbol Integration

It is often advertised that adding trust symbols to your site will improve conversions dramatically. This is a quick guide for identifying the opportunities for your site as well as what are the important things that you should consider when critically reviewing the integration of trust symbols on your site. Often times, when people think of trust symbols, they have a narrow view that they are just badges but I…

14 Mar 2012

4 Tips to Make Your SEO Analysis More Effective

Chances are if you’re reading this, SEO analysis is part of your life in some capacity, whether it is auditing for a client, creating a campaign strategy, or reporting performance to the higher-ups. How to sharpen the SEO analysis sword is something that I’ve really been wanting to write about for a while because great analysis and reporting underlies effective problem solving and objective decision making that is part of…

24 Feb 2012

Hardware Innovations and SEO… and Google Glasses

No one will deny that over the last couple years, organic search has changed by leaps and bounds. A portion of these changes can be attributed to changes in the hardware we use and how we interact with that hardware. In this article, I’ll explore some of these innovations and how they may benefit websites that you would not initially expect. I’ll then take a brief gaze into the future,…

09 Jan 2012

The Duplicate Product Description Quagmire

When you’re doing frequent SEO site reviews, two of the words that come up the most are “duplicate content”. Now there are a lot of reasons and ways for content to be deemed as duplicate and some situations are more troublesome than others.  But one in particular seems to present a unique problem for many e-commerce sites. Product descriptions are a requirement, without them no one would know what they…