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09 May 2016

Who Tweeted My Article? Archive Your Promoters in Excel and Google Spreadsheet

If you have a solid content marketing asset to publish, you’d better use lots of great tools to promote your piece as well as to monitor those helping you promote it. If you archive all the tweets sharing your content, you’ll be able to identify your most powerful (and successful) promoters: These are your first targets to reach out to further build the relationship and turn them into your brand… [Read More…]

02 May 2016

Real Name Policies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Google Plus: Clarified

Since the start the web anonymity has been quite a hot controversy in social media world. On one hand, everyone has the right to remain anonymous online to avoid personal attacks. On the other hand, social media networks have been trying to promote “real” connections which resulted in many of them forcing “real name” policy on their users. Let’s see what the “real name” policy is these days: 1. Facebook:… [Read More…]

25 Apr 2016

10 Handy Tools to Create Mini Videos: Marketing Through Micro Moments

In our era of extremely short attention spans (Who else reads news on Twitter: It’s even worse than reading the headlines only…) micro-videos have been the most logical extension of social media evolution. And brands have been quite quick to keep up! Just watch one the millions examples now to get inspired: Are you still behind? These ten handy tools will give you everything you need to produce your own… [Read More…]

11 Apr 2016

5 Tools to Find a Gif to Express Your Emotion

Reaction Gifs are nothing new. These funny animated images have been used for years, showing up on imageboards like 4Chan long before they made their way to Tumblr and Reddit. Anyone who has been in a storytelling thread that uses green text has seen reaction Gifs used as MFW (My Face When) or MRW (My Reaction When). Though reaction Gifs aren’t always appropriate, they can be a great way to… [Read More…]

21 Mar 2016

Resizing Social Media Images: Easier Than You Think!

You know the saying “Use the right tool for the job”? That adage can easily be applied to social media on every level. For example, if you are looking for deep engagement with a solid ad campaign, Facebook is your best bet. For those more interested in quick-style connections and hashtag marketing, Twitter might be more their speed. But it is also relevant when looking at features within social platforms…. [Read More…]

22 Feb 2016

Ridiculously Useful Social Media Stats You Have To Read and Share RIGHT NOW!

Social media is the driving force for everything from engagement to content these days. Every marketer is obsessed with keeping ahead of trends and carving out a piece of the market that can be exploited in the long term. If you have been watching the growth of different networks, you know you have your pick of the litter. It all depends on your goals and what you produce. But do… [Read More…]

10 Feb 2016

Social Media for Business 101

Why is social media important for businesses? A comprehensive social media strategy is imperative to business success in a digital world. 93% of marketers are using social media for business – are you part of the 7% that doesn’t? Social media is more than simply making posts on Facebook and responding to customers on Twitter. A strong social media presence is a critical part of the purchase decision making process…. [Read More…]

08 Feb 2016

Quick Tip: Use Facebook Activity Log as a Bookmarking Tool

I cannot tell you how many times I remembered seeing something on my Facebook feed but failed to find it afterwards. We are dealing with so much information these days. One scroll through Facebook feed shows recent news from the neighborhood, enlightens you of a few facts you were not aware of, inspires you with some quotes gives you a laugh with some funny videos and memes. All of it… [Read More…]

18 Jan 2016

Linkedin Showcase Pages: Create More Brand Assets with LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies as well as individual professionals: Linked in pages rank incredibly well providing you additional reputation management assets to control your brand name search results. Thanks to Company Pages, you can create a powerful content-rich brand asset: An Additional Reputation Management Tool: Linkedin Company Showcase Pages Showcase pages are the extension of company pages. They are a way to “show off” your business and… [Read More…]

11 Jan 2016

5 Best Chrome Extensions to Diversify and Improve Your Social Media Updates

Social media is a very necessary and helpful tool for marketing, whether that is a brand or a personal account. Anyone who has seen someone reach “Twitter fame” knows the potential benefits. An active account can drive consistent traffic, improve ad revenue, and build a relationship that is unbreakable. People have created entire careers from social media accounts. Brands have some back from the brink of destruction on the back… [Read More…]

04 Jan 2016

So, How Many Official Facebook Apps Do We Actually Have (and Need)?

The other day I was looking at the iTunes app store and came across a list of Facebook related apps. To be honest, I was stunned. I had no idea there were so many official Facebook apps on the market, or that most of them were even necessary. You may be just as surprised, so let’s take a look at the many different apps that exist for using that popular… [Read More…]

28 Dec 2015

Social Media Discussions: How to Keep Sanity When Someone Disagrees with You

It may be my age or the craziness going on around the world (or both), but I’ve seen so much hatred on social media lately that it’s almost scary. People jump into argument with so much passion that it’s almost impossible to keep sanity. Yet, we have to: It’s essential to maintain dignity. In many cases, it mostly comes down to stopping the discussion before it’s too late. Here are… [Read More…]

14 Dec 2015

How to Still See and Show Twitter Share Counts for Any URL

A few weeks ago Twitter stopped showing share counts for a URL. While it may be no huge news for the rest of the world, many marketers have been worried that this will affect how content spreads… … For a reason The first research came out showing that since share counts were removed, URLs have been shared much less on Twitter. In fact, Sharing to Twitter declines 11% after Twitter… [Read More…]