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18 Jan 2016

Linkedin Showcase Pages: Create More Brand Assets with LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies as well as individual professionals: Linked in pages rank incredibly well providing you additional reputation management assets to control your brand name search results. Thanks to Company Pages, you can create a powerful content-rich brand asset: An Additional Reputation Management Tool: Linkedin Company Showcase Pages Showcase pages are the extension of company pages. They are a way to “show off” your business and… [Read More…]

11 Jan 2016

5 Best Chrome Extensions to Diversify and Improve Your Social Media Updates

Social media is a very necessary and helpful tool for marketing, whether that is a brand or a personal account. Anyone who has seen someone reach “Twitter fame” knows the potential benefits. An active account can drive consistent traffic, improve ad revenue, and build a relationship that is unbreakable. People have created entire careers from social media accounts. Brands have some back from the brink of destruction on the back… [Read More…]

04 Jan 2016

So, How Many Official Facebook Apps Do We Actually Have (and Need)?

The other day I was looking at the iTunes app store and came across a list of Facebook related apps. To be honest, I was stunned. I had no idea there were so many official Facebook apps on the market, or that most of them were even necessary. You may be just as surprised, so let’s take a look at the many different apps that exist for using that popular… [Read More…]

28 Dec 2015

Social Media Discussions: How to Keep Sanity When Someone Disagrees with You

It may be my age or the craziness going on around the world (or both), but I’ve seen so much hatred on social media lately that it’s almost scary. People jump into argument with so much passion that it’s almost impossible to keep sanity. Yet, we have to: It’s essential to maintain dignity. In many cases, it mostly comes down to stopping the discussion before it’s too late. Here are… [Read More…]

14 Dec 2015

How to Still See and Show Twitter Share Counts for Any URL

A few weeks ago Twitter stopped showing share counts for a URL. While it may be no huge news for the rest of the world, many marketers have been worried that this will affect how content spreads… … For a reason The first research came out showing that since share counts were removed, URLs have been shared much less on Twitter. In fact, Sharing to Twitter declines 11% after Twitter… [Read More…]

24 Nov 2015

Social Media Smackdown with WWE’s “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

This past Sunday, Internet Marketing Ninjas stepped into the ring with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for a hard-hitting ‘Social Media Smackdown’. Through a live-streamed event that engaged fans on both Twitter and YouTube, the inaugural Royal Rumble Winner gave analysis and thoughts on the big event, answered questions from fans from all over the world, and had fun giving away prizes to those who tuned in. After… [Read More…]

23 Nov 2015

How to Monitor and Manage Comments and Likes on Instagram

Take a wander through popular accounts on Instagram. You will notice some common patterns emerging between those that are successful, and those that aren’t. No, it isn’t the number of photos (many accounts post thousands of images and barely break a dozen followers). It isn’t even the quality of pictures, either. What sets these successful accounts apart is the engagement. They have not just treated their Instagram like a mobile… [Read More…]

09 Nov 2015

Social Media Etiquette: If There’s an Option, It Doesn’t Mean It’s a Good Idea

The social media has been around for a while but it doesn’t mean we all agree what is acceptable and what’s not. I’ve seen many people claiming that if there’s an option to do something, it must be acceptable. For example, “Blame Linkedin: They allow you to mass-email a connection invite to all your email contacts…” Now, as the one who once did that (i.e. mass-email all my Gmail contacts),… [Read More…]

02 Nov 2015

6 Social Media Analytics Companies To Keep An Eye On

Social media continues to grow and adapt into a more exciting technology than ever before. While it was once a purely personal platform, the business and marketing applications are ace. Now we have entire degrees dedicated to the practice, and firms popping up all over the world promising to help brands expand on and off the web. While many offer tools to allow you to measure your own analytics, others… [Read More…]

26 Oct 2015

3 Ways to Trick Facebook Feed Algorithm to Get Seen by More People

Facebook calls it EdgeRank… I call it Facebook’s self-proclaimed right to decide which of our friends we need to communicate with. In any case, it works the following way: You don’t get to see updates from ALL of your friends (especially if you have many). Instead, Facebook prioritizes updates from friends who you tend to interact with more often. These interactions include mutual likes, comments, messages. Now, while this may… [Read More…]

12 Oct 2015

Awesome Facebook Ad Targeting Ideas to Play with

Facebook has what is probably the best ad tools of any social network. Yes, even better than Twitter. For literally a couple dollars a day you can gain real reach, and start generating solid leads that are easy to convert on your own website. But what makes Facebook ads truly special is not the ads themselves. It is the way they are used, thanks to the thorough targeting options they… [Read More…]

29 Sep 2015

How to Use Twitter Videos

Twitter Video has been around for a while now. But it is still shockingly underutilized, probably because nobody is quite sure of how to best take advantage of it. Can such a casual feature really be applied to a strong social business strategy? Branding has changed a lot in the past decade. The Internet – and social media in particular – have made adapting to a new kind of audience… [Read More…]

08 Sep 2015

4 Tools to Find Trending Subreddits

Reddit is the content marketer’s goldmine: It inspires viral content, shows you what people seem to love sharing and offers a great venue to market content to get it discovered by journalists and bloggers. Building up your Reddit presence is tough: There are no shortcuts and Reddit Karma is fast to lose and time-consuming to establish. Participating in trending Subreddits allows you to easier interact and better understand what’s hot… [Read More…]