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08 Sep 2014

2 Awesome Twitter Search Tools That Give You What Twitter Lacks

I love Twitter. That was almost love at the first sight. It’s a great idea which became awesome thanks to all the apps that completed it. Here are two absolutely fantastic tools that have some really basic functionality Twitter still lacks: Snapbird: Better search Snapbird functionality is so cool that I am surprised Twitter doesn’t offer anything like that: Search your or anyone’s favorites There are lots of ways to…

02 Sep 2014

How to Stay on Top of Your Pinterest Activity

Pinterest has proven to be absolutely awesome for marketing. With its business offering, it’s going to be even more efficient, so if you are not yet utilizing Pinterest, it’s time that you start playing with it! Here are a few tools to easily keep on top with your (and your team’s) Pinterest progress: Pinterest Notifications I’ve done a separate article looking at Pinterest notifications. It’s by far the best way…

29 Jul 2014

So, What’s The Right Time To Tweet?

Successful tweeters become so because they learn to carve out a following, big or small, using what works best for themselves. Part of that is through a solid engagement strategy, and through sharing relevant content. There are dozens of little things that count: Hashtags that increase the exposure of your tweet, the use of visual tweets, people your tweet is reaching at this very time. With some platforms, such as…

22 Jul 2014

Two Tips to Declutter Email Inbox for the Social Media Marketer

Email inbox is the huge part of my productivity. I am using it as a task manager: it is easy to sort and organize email messages as separate tasks (with Thunderbird, I can also bring it to my desktop, and enjoy more flexibility with options). However as an active social media user, I have to deal with hundreds of automated email notifications and alerts daily (and on busy days even…

01 Jul 2014

5 Ways To Save Time This Week

All of us could use some extra time, right? Even if is to sun bathe and take advantage of beautiful weather. Many of the tools I’m going to suggest are tools that you are not only familiar with, but probably already using. And, you probably already realize that they are a time saver. Let’s list them and get those creative juices flowing and maybe you can identify areas where you…

23 Jun 2014

How Pinterest Notifications Work (+ How to Interact on Pinterest)

I have already did detailed tutorials of making the most of Google Plus notifications as well as managing your Twitter notifications with Tweetdeck. Today I’ll follow up on the topic describing Pinterest notifications (as I already covered how great Pinterest is for marketing!) but first let’s sum up all the three for your convenience: Google Plus Twitter Pinterest Notifies of… When you are added to circles, when you are tagged,…

20 Jun 2014

Facebook Notifications: Keeping You Caught Up and Providing Social Engagement Opportunities

Continuing in Ann’s series on notifications, let’s take a look at Facebook and how Facebook keeps us informed and ready to engage. But, first, get caught up in this series by reading these wonderful articles by Ann Smarty herself: How To Manage Twitter Notifications with Tweetdeck How Google Plus Notifications Work: Who You Can Reach on Google+ The Notifications Bar in Facebook Before digging into just the notifications, let’s look…

09 Jun 2014

The Beauty of Marketing on Pinterest: Numbers and Examples

When Pinterest became fairly known, it was impossible to suspect the impact it would have on the social sphere. Now, a few years later, it has become the fastest growing social network in history. Integration with websites is common place, brands have adopted it as their new go-to marketing platform, and the userbase keeps on growing. If you want to see the power behind Pinterest traffic, you only have to…

02 Jun 2014

How To Manage Twitter Notifications with Tweetdeck

Last week I started a mini-series on making the most of your social media notifications by describing how Google Plus notifications work and how you can better reach out to your followers. This time I am following up with Twitter notifications but not web-based version of it and I’ll explain why. Of all major social media networks, I am most active at Twitter thanks to having it on my desktop….

23 May 2014

Using RebelMouse to Curate Fresh Content

RebelMouse is an aggregator that allows you to be more productive by providing another automated tool to create fresh content. It is an addition to the family of aggregators like Storify and All three of these tools will aggregate/compile data automatically (or semi-automatically) for you, from different sources across the ‘net. RebelMouse As Content Piece In and Of Itself RebelMouse, like the other aggregators, is a great place for…

16 May 2014

4 Great Tools To See Who Isn’t Following You Back On Twitter

If you’re active on Twitter, you fully understand that when you follow someone, they may not always return the favor, and that’s fine. Social Media can be unpredictable, and Twitter is no exception. With that said, there are some great tools online that you can use to identify which users aren’t following you back, who is inactive on Twitter, and much more. Here are four great tools that you can…

07 May 2014

Are Twitter Lead Gen Cards Worthwhile? Here’s My Case Study

I recently bought Twitter ads and used their new lead generation “cards,” a type of ad where Twitter users can subscribe to your newsletter without leaving Twitter. Here’s what my experience was like. Background: Twitter Lead Generation Cards Sponsored Tweets These ads have drawn a lot of attention, because acquiring subscribers is always a challenge for newsletter publishers and these cards promise to help them do it easily and at scale….

02 May 2014

Social Media Management & Audience Trust [ illustrated through music festivals]

Have you ever had an interaction with a brand’s social media that was so bad it made you think “How does anyone trust this brand? How can I trust this brand?” I recently found myself on the customer end of such a situation. However, the offending brand didn’t represent a product, it represented a music festival. When it comes to effective social media engagement, few brands revel in it more…