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Category: Mobile
03 Jan 2014

Would Your Mobile Sales Double & Your Strategy Change Radically If You Heard This Advice?

7 Lessons I Learned At The Jerusalem BNF‘s Event: How Apps Can Grow Your Business A LOT depends on knowing your audience. This manifested in a variety of interesting ways: 1. “Finding out that Windows Phone is #2 in certain countries, behind only Android,” was a huge insight for Marna Becker of recruiting & HR shop Sikoor. Imagine launching a campaign targeting only iOS in such a country – you’d…

24 Jan 2013

Proper Mobile SEO Site Set-up & Issue Identification

In recent years, increased use of mobile devices has changed the way we interact with the web and new coding options has changed the experience we create for users. In this article, I will cover mobile site set up and some tips for auditing for potential issues. Basics of Making Your Mobile Experiences Easy for Google to Understand & Index Responsive design:  Serving a mobile experience on the same URL…

06 Mar 2012

14 Tips for Success in Marketing to Mobile Users

As Ninja Karina recently noted in her mobile website blog post, mobile users now constitute 20% of the search market, and that figure is only likely to grow. So how can you take advantage of all of those potential customers walking about all around you with mini-sized but full-blown computers in their pockets? I’ve put together my favorite ideas for mobile marketing success. Let’s explore those in detail. Get users…

28 Feb 2012

3 Reasons Not Having a Mobile Website Is Costing You Money

by Ninja Karina It’s 2012 and people are getting their hands on smartphones in increasing numbers. With high-resolution touch screens, an endless array of mobile apps and information at the tap of a finger, it’s no wonder mobile technology has become our constant companion. Did you know that mobile search now dominates nearly 20% of the search market? That is an impressive number of people using their smartphones for tasks…