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09 Apr 2014

3 New Types Of Linkbait I’m Dying To Try Out & Why

I’m reeeeeeheeheeheeeeeaaaaaly excited to try out a few new-ish types of linkbait, and I’ll share them with you here and why I think they’re awesome. 1) Free book or poster giveaways. This is really exciting to me for two reasons. The first reason is that printing has gotten really, really cheap. I don’t know the history or when this happened, but to give you an example, printing The Advanced SEO…

20 Mar 2014

4 Alternatives To Guest Blogging For Link Builders

Well the news has been out for a while, but it looks like Google is actually starting to take aggressive action against guest blogging as a method to build links. While I completely disagree with Google on this strategy, I can see why they would want to clamp down on it: It works. However, whether it works or not, isn’t really an issue any longer. Now we are forced to…

20 Feb 2014

Links Are Dead! Long Live Links!

Probably one of the most hotly debated topics over the last several years with in the SEO industry as been the current relevance of links with in search engines ranking algorithms. Even before filters such as Penguin and Panda, SEOs long speculated that social signals were taking over as the predominant trust signal. I will even admit that at first I had my doubts about social signals replacing links, but…

19 Feb 2014

New Case Study On Google’s Treatment Of 404 Pages, Links And Nofollow

In emailing recently with the brilliant tech geek Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey, I discovered – again – that the man is one of the IM world’s more advanced practitioners. I said I discovered this again because in the past, Eli was one of the first people who realized how to arbitrage ads and implemented the strategy at scale. You can try to pry the details out of him by reaching out privately…

04 Feb 2014

Relationship Building Too Expensive In Staff Time? Crowdsource Your Links And Content!

iframe { width: 100%; } –>Why spend your valuable time or your staff’s valuable time when you could get better relationships (read: links) and better contentwhile paying other people less money? That’s what I’ll show you how to do in this post, part 2 of my notes for my SMX Israel presentation that I gave January 26 here in Jerusalem. Part 1 dealt with crowdsourcing your persona creation / market…

06 Jan 2014

Why Product & Marketing Need To Be One Team (Part 2)

How many times have you researched the competition only to discover that a huge driver for their marketing is their awesome product? It’s happened to me more times than I can count. The fundamental lesson to take away from this is that you must integrate the product and marketing teams. There are many reasons to do so, including: What we saw in part 1 of this series, namely that Facebook is…

23 Dec 2013

Facebook Is Replacing Google & The Dramatic Shift This Heralds For Marketers (Part 1)

Facebook is eating Google’s lunch, which has far-reaching implications for the tactics marketers use, and more broadly has implications for marketing strategy and the relationship between marketing and product teams. Let’s look at this more closely. When Google ranks sites, it can’t really rank them based on product quality since it has no reliable signals for product quality. Put differently… Google is an information retrieval service… not a recommendation service….

11 Nov 2013

Building Links Through Relationships – My #PubCon Presentation

Over the years, the process of link building has become increasingly controversial. The conventional methods of link building are now extinct. Paid links are now so risky that it isn’t worth trying them. Directory links now have no application. Press releases are nofollow… These are no longer viable options for those who would have once used them to build links. Does that mean link building is officially dead? Surprisingly, no……

26 Aug 2013

A Look into Google Plus Link Graph and Flow

After all the talks about the correlation between rankings and plus ones (followed by Matt Cutt’s rebuttal), more and more people are talking about “Google Plus SEO” If you take a look at how Google implements nofollow within Google Plus, you can get a much better understanding of what it thinks about links in general. Not All Internal Links Are Created Equal You would think that all internal links are…

30 May 2013

5 Alternative Free Backlink Analysis Tools

With the launch of Penguin 2.0 last week the SEO community has been busy running analysis and commentary on the initial fallout. In fact today I was planning on writing my own analysis as well. But then I stopped and thought, wait a second, everyone is doing that! Not only is everyone practically writing the same blog post, but everyone is practically using the same tools for analysis. So therefore…

04 Apr 2013

My Little Secret To Assessing Link Value

So, I was just talking with my friend Keri. and she was voicing her frustration over how too many SEOs waste a lot of their time building content and links on services that are likely to be devalued or disappear all together. For example why the heck were so many upset with Squidoo for nofollowing links?? I mean seriously why would anyone use them to get links in the first…

26 Mar 2013

I’m Breaking Up with You and Taking My Links with Me

What happens when you’re contacted to remove a link from your web site because it has cooties according to Google? It happened to me last week. I suspected the person from the SEO Company who contacted was fairly new to search engine marketing. I could have let the email go and trashed it. But lately it seems as though shady SEO practices are escalating again and I can’t bear to…

14 Feb 2013

Maybe You Shouldn’t Hire A SEO For Link Building

So you have finished all your on page optimization, you have killer content, and now all you need are some juicy backlinks! Even though your content is stellar, and you are developing a good social presence, you might need some help building links. Because the hard truth is, if you are in a competitive niche, links are hard to come by. But you don’t have time, and really need help…