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William Atchison

William Atchison


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William Atchison is the Ninja SEO Toolmaker at Internet Marketing Ninjas. William works on the development of various tools, mostly SEO related, and can automate virtually any task that can be done on the internet.

A brief biography of William Atchison

William has had a long career in computers which has always been tied to his passion of online communications which has included writing several BBS programs and being a node operator of Fido-net in the 80s. His first foray into the actual internet came during his tenure as Windows Developer Manager at Lotus cc:Mail in the early 90s. Interacting with the internet wasn't much at the time but everyone saw this new internet connection as the gateway to the world and all we did was implement email connectivity at that time.

Fast forward to 1996 and William was one of the founders of ShopZone ecommerce software and a pioneer in some of the ecommerce technologies being used today. Initially there was no SEO aspect to the ShopZone ecommerce software, although ironically it turned out to be fairly well designed to provide basic SEO out of the box unlike many competitors. It wasn't until around 1999 that we started actively making the ecommerce product more SEO friendly as that aspect became more important when bigger and better search engines suddenly started supplanting all of the directories people had previously used.

William then joined forces as a partner in a web-hosting and software development firm in 2000 doing dedicated ecommerce hosting and website development for small to medium-sized customers. This is where he started honing his SEO automation skills on some of the very large client sites helping them rank automatically without a lot of hands on tweaking.

Additionally, William has become a well known web arachnologist (bot blocker) since 2005 and was instrumental in making Google add a method to validate Googlebot at SES 2006 in San Jose. William also champions various whitelisting technologies as a form of proactive SEO methodologies that prevent scrapers from causing search engine chaos for sites.

William has many technical interests and often provides a different perspective based on the breadth of his knowledge. He is currently a Programming Ninja with his current focus as a Ninja SEO Toolmaker which requires a good breadth of SEO knowledge to cover all the different topics addressed by all the different tools he creates and maintains.

William Atchison's Posts
07 Feb 2014
William Atchison

Content Distribution Management To Halt Search Engine SEO Chaos

That’s a pretty strong title for my first Ninja blog post but this is a teaser for my upcoming PubCon session on Tuesday March 18 about Algo Chaos. where I’ll be discussing what webmasters need to do to be proactive and stop penalties and algo problems before they happen. Don’t waste time trying to fix Google penalties chasing unauthorized content usage with Google Alerts, Copyscape, Google’s Webmaster Toos, disavowing junk…