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Archive: October 2008
31 Oct 2008

Happy Halloween from We Build Pages!

It’s Halloween in Troy! Okay, it’s Halloween everywhere but that’s besides the point. It’s Halloween in Troy! And The We Build Pages staff decided to have a little fun and get dressed up. Let me introduce you to some of my new friends. The mysterious QualityGal, Lisa (dressed as Pat Sexton!) and Little Red Christine Hot dog, it’s Amy! Yee haw! It’s Meagan, Chris, Sean, Ashley, Walter and Jennifer. A…

30 Oct 2008

LinkedIn Application Directory

LinkedIn announced a few months ago that it would be using the Open Social platform. They haven’t said much since. But many were waiting for how they would handle an application directory. Now they announced it’s launch. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn said: “The nine applications that you see live today on LinkedIn include productivity enhancing applications from Amazon,, Google, Huddle, Six Apart, SlideShare, Tripit, and WordPress as well a…

30 Oct 2008

Light Behind The Changes At We Build Pages

Bear with me for a moment, okay? I have to go backwards to go forward. I swear I have a point. While the rest of the SEO community was buzzing about SES San Jose and the crazy trapeze people they met at SearchBash, Jim Boykin was quietly planning an industry coup. The man literally went on a hiring spree and began tricking SEO types into trading in their December flip…

29 Oct 2008

I’m a Codependent, Social Media Baby

I’m pretty ashamed right now. Let me tell you what’s been going on. I’ve noticed a sickening pattern emerging in my life, or at least in my Twitter stream (and really, what’s the difference?). Problem is, I’m not sure what to do about it.  Here’s what’s going on. I move from California to Troy, NY and very publicly miss my flight. What do I do? I tweet my desperate pleas…

28 Oct 2008

Are you Employable or Just Employed?

CenterNetworks’ Allen Stern brought up an interesting conversation last week that I think is worth touching on. He created a great video post that asked, in a time when the economy is as stable as New England weather and layoffs are hitting the technology industry hard, are you employable or are you just employed? It was one of those posts that stopped me in my tracks and made me think….

28 Oct 2008

How Getting a Link is Like Picking up a Woman

In a conversation with Jim and Pat, it occurred to me that a lot of the techniques that are useful for picking up girls are also useful for getting links. Both enterprises are a delicate art which rely on equal parts luck, timing, product and skill. Here are a few of the ways in which getting links is a lot like getting… a date. Your opening line is everything They…

27 Oct 2008

The ScarySEO Mini-Con Recap

This past weekend was the wild and crazy ScarySEO Mini-Con in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Pat, Rhea, and myself were all lucky enough to make the trip down to hangout with Dave Snyder’s gang and we were not disappointed. In fact, Rhea had so much fun she’s not even back yet! That reminds me, have you met Rhea-Ra? ;)  [We love you, Rhea. Hurry home!] And while there were lots of…

27 Oct 2008

Welcome to the We Build Pages Blog!

Hey, hey, SEO blogosphere! Look who’s back in a brand new ninja-filled home. Did you miss me? If not, let me do my ninja dance! Sorry. I couldn’t resist. A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine let you in on one of the worst kept secrets in SEO: I joined We Build Pages! And since then there has been one question on everyone’s mind: Is there going to…

17 Oct 2008

(TheLisa) SMX East Charity Party Raises $13,000+!

As a brand new member of both We Build Pages and Internet Marketers of New York, I’m really proud to announce that last week’s Charity Party hosted by WBP raised more than $13,000 to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. That’s amazing. It’s even more amazing when you know the back story. Ten days before SMX East was scheduled to begin, Jim heard that IMNY would have to pull its big…

08 Oct 2008

(QualityGal) The Differences Between Good Writers and Great Writers

I have a lot of good writers on my writing team.  I won’t accept average writers, and bad writers make me cringe.  I do have a few really great writers, and I love them all to death.  My goal is to have a whole team full of great writers – either by recruiting those who are already great or molding my good writers into great ones. But how can you…

01 Oct 2008

Charity Party Monday October 6 in NYC

If you’re going to SMX NYC, Be sure the attend This Party which donates to the Ronald McDonald House on Monday Night.  I’m honored to announce that we’re (We Build Pages) hosting the Internet Marketer’s Charity Party next Monday night, October 6, at SMX East in New York City. It’s our first time hosting a charity party, but shouldn’t be our last. The Charity Party will be at the Social…